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    Carbone looked through the keyhole; he could see Tommy lying on his bed. He called Tino Barzie, who told him to break in. Barzie got on a train from New York to Greenwich.

    He found Tommy in his bed, fully dressed, with blankets pulled up to his chest. No sign of life. Carbone quickly called the Greenwich Hospital and the town police.

    It had a slide drawer with two compartments, which contained both neutral and greenish-colored pills. Newspapers across the country headlined the death.

    The Campbell home was full with over people both on the main floor and in the gallery. Twenty three limousines drove to the Westchester County town of Valhalla where Tommy was interred surrounded by two stones.

    Arranged by Neil Hefti, and recorded only two weeks before Tommy died, it infuriated Tommy after he heard a test copy because of its Rock and Roll sound.

    He threatened to buy and burn every disc. Together, the Dorsey brothers, in an age when mass-marketing was non-existent, had a total of top-forty Billboard Pop Chart hits.

    Combined they had sold million records. It made her some money in as it rose to 8 on the Billboard Chart. She decided to support herself and her children by forming a new Tommy Dorsey Band with trombonist Warren Covington as its leader.

    The band, under many leaders since, continues to tour. She was always proud of what her sons had achieved and the happiness it had brought to so many people.

    Trumpeter Ziggy Elman passed away on June 26, He became a studio musician in Los Angeles, but always found it difficult to make the transition from being on the road, to random studio calls for recording sessions.

    By , he was very ill and teaching occasional trumpet lessons. After a decade in the 's of freelancing, playing with the Harry James band, forming big and small groups of his own for recording, Buddy Rich re-joined Harry James in , and then in started his own popular big band.

    The call of the road, which he had been on his entire life, being the highest paid child star in vaudeville, proved too strong, and he toured the world with his big band until his death from brain cancer on April 2 nd , He also assembled big bands for Carnegie Hall performances that played the hits from his Lunceford and Dorsey years.

    He was 77 when he passed away in New York on May 28 th , Frank Sinatra continued to sing concerts until Vince Carbone was his personal manager.

    Ultimately this was primarily a matter of repertory, for Dorsey…never understood the fundamental truth that jazz is first and foremost a creative music.

    And although he could not make the transition to the modern era, his superb trombone playing, in itself an artistic statement, will be remembered for generations to come.

    When Sy Oliver was told that Dorsey had died, he said. Da Capo Press, Cambridge, Mass. University of Mississippi Press.

    His main influence was Duke Ellington, who fired his imagination. Otsie worked for the United Shoe Machine Company. He went to factory floors and taught the workers how to use the shoe making machinery his company manufactured.

    Erv, Ray, Dan and Joyce. Myrtle always longed to be closer to Lake Michigan. She loved to swim, and went to a pool twice a week. Woodrow was also a good swimmer.

    His childhood in Milwaukee was nothing extraordinary. He skated, rode horses at a farm out in Wales, WI.

    His father changed jobs and joined the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company, where he remained for forty years, becoming an executive.

    We used to go for rides in that thing. He saw in me the possible fulfillment of his love for show business, and he worked with me, teaching me songs, from the time I first remember seeing him.

    He would have loved working on the stage, instead of as a shoemaker at the Nunn-Bush factory…We had a great collection of recordings at home, and he sang along with them.

    He even bought a player piano and supplied it with all the available piano rolls. They were kind and beautiful. He is Woodrow Hermann, 9, son of Mr.

    Otto Hermann, Humboldt Ave. He is said to be the youngest juvenile actor in the state. He has also appeared on club programs and at other entertainments.

    Woody studied piano with four different teachers as a child, and was also given a violin. Neither of these instruments appealed to him, especially the violin.

    No doubt this knowledge of true jazz artists accorded such acclaim by a jazz playing priest opened the door to the world of jazz for Woodrow.

    In , he bought his first E-Flat Alto silver sax with his traveling show savings. This was the answer to everything.

    Practice until you turn blue and your lip is numb and your teeth hurt and you may accomplish something. But he was very good and I was fortunate in starting with someone like that.

    Woodrow also sat down for a few hours with the popular saxophonist Rudy Wiedoeft in Milwaukee, where Wiedoeft was touring.

    He was continuing dancing lessons at this time also, including tap. He was now a natural performer before audiences. In fifth grade, Woodrow was tired of the Milwaukee School Board interfering with his being allowed to be in show business.

    They were always tracking his day, night, and out of town travels with an eye to putting him back in his school chair full time.

    So at age 10, he took it upon himself to get a transfer out of the public schools and into a Catholic school called St. The kiddie-revue days were over.

    I was able to play theaters as a single on a year-round basis, performing locally on school nights and sometimes traveling to other towns on weekends, often with my mother along.

    I tried not to be too self-impressed, but it was a gas to walk by a theater and see my name in lights, and to collect as much as fifty dollars a week- a powerful income in the early Twenties.

    My parents held the salary for me in a bank account, and saw that I had spending money. Woody bought and listened to Duke Ellington and Red Nichols on records.

    The rest of his life he credited Ellington as his musical inspiration. He was then playing a steady night gig with a group of older guys who picked him up from home and drove him back at 4am, even on school nights.

    At this time he also learned a lot more about jazz by listening to records performed by the Mound City Blue Blowers. Woody listened to the Hawkins solos almost endlessly, and memorized them.

    During his schooling, of all the Dominican Sisters who taught at St. Her name was Sister Fabian Riley. She taught Woodrow science and math.

    Although Woody did not graduate from high school on time, Sister Fabian arranged for lessons to allow him to graduate late.

    Without her defending me all the time and encouraging me in my music, who knows what would have become of me?

    It was so hot that Woody drank bottle after bottle of Dr. His roommate smoked marijuana. And this one morning was unbearable.

    But Lichter did show patience by not firing him. Woody heard and met a lot of influential bands while touring with the Lichter band. Gerun was known in San Francisco, and Woody was sitting in a saxophone section that included a musician named Al Morris, who later became the singer Tony Martin.

    Woody was immediately attracted to her. Her name was Charlotte Neste. They married in The band stayed around San Francisco for about a year, then headed back to Chicago.

    I had a favorite uncle in Oakland. I bought a Chevrolet, a wonderful little car. Woody and I put our saxophones in the back and set off for Chicago.

    We drove to Reno, Nevada, and decided that instead of stopping overnight, we were going to make it all the way to Salt Lake City and save money.

    We got to Utah. We were just outside of Salt Lake City. We turned over four times, broke the window, and did a total on the car.

    I was bleeding and so was Woody. Woody jumped out of the car and opened the back and took his saxophone out to see if it worked. Then he checked our liquor supply.

    After a few days we arrived in Chicago in another car. I was 20, Woody was I was even wearing my Homburg.

    I liked being dressed properly…We were in a semi-hilarious mood and Fuzzy [Knight- a comic in the floorshow] was waving his hand, a finger of which was decorated with a big diamond ring.

    The trouble began while we were driving back to our hotel in my Pontiac Roadster…We stopped for a red light, and a big black sedan pulled up next to us.

    Three guys jumped out and started opening our doors and banging on the car. We scuffled with them from our seats and one guy decided the noise we were making might attract attention, so he slugged me on the head with his fist.

    But the Homburg saved me. The hood got frustrated, pulled a pistol, and fired a bullet toward the floorboard of the car to scare us. My right leg unfortunately was in the way, and the bullet went straight through my calf and dropped to the floor.

    I got out of the car, dragging my leg behind me, located a policeman a couple of blocks away, told him I had just been shot in the leg and that the hoods might still be back at the car with my buddies.

    You better go home. They found a doctor and put him in a Southside Hospital overnight. Isham Jones led one of the premier bands of the period from Jones studied the piano growing up in Saginaw, Michigan.

    He was put out in front of the band by the hotel management because of the strange looking horn he played, the saxophone still being unfamiliar.

    That is how he became a bandleader. His remarkable talent for composing came later, to list only a few of his compositions: Isham always understood what was happening in jazz, but never pretended to be doing it himself, despite the wonderful blues recordings he made.

    Woody was brought to the attention of Jones by a Bass player he met in Lexington, Kentucky named Walt Yoder, who although still in high school, had already played in the bands of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and Isham Jones.

    Woody was to meet up with the band in Denver to begin. When he got to the gig, Jones had forgotten he had hired him.

    But with Jones it was a different story. Even an eighth note. Because this was death. He stood in front of the band with a complete score of every tune.

    We played those tunes night after night, seven days a week, and he still had the score out there. Jones featured Woody on a lot of novelty vocals, and let Woody record with a smaller group within the band.

    This would come in handy for him in the coming months. In Jones decided to retire. He was very simple and direct about it.

    Woody took it upon himself to arrange a contract with Decca for the band. But who would lead it? One of the first things he did was call Charlotte in California and ask her to marry him, which they did on September 27 th , They rented an apartment on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village- a fifth floor walk-up, and spent their honeymoon visiting all of the clubs on 52 nd Street.

    The band found a place to practice for free at the Capitol Hotel. Three weeks later they were moved to the other Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan.

    They signed a booking contract with General Artists Corporation. Meanwhile, Isham Jones' poultry ranch failed, due to a disastrous storm, and he opened a general store and hamburger stand on a winding road outside of Denver.

    He was a multimillionaire from composer royalties and shrewd savings. Jones stood there all day making hamburgers. Woody reported that people familiar with Jones passing through the area would recognize him and be amazed to see him.

    He stayed there 3 years until moving to California, where he opened and sold at a profit two music stores. He moved to Florida after that, where he died in October of at age Woody enthusiastically agreed, having garnered a popular young following from the Philadelphia area that spent its weekends at the N.

    Hunt made sure a Philadelphia radio station was getting all of this by wire remote. Hunt was a good businessman- he promoted his park through the band.

    They struck up a life-long friendship. Jack collected everything about Woody. And whenever Woody was playing in the Philadelphia region, he would stay with Jack and his family in a special room decorated with awards, posters and records- all of the collectibles Woody had no interest in, or time to think about.

    Jack would pretty much tell Woody what to record, thus depriving the band of a recognizable style, or sound. I liked a lot of the guys in the band.

    Maybe we can make a buck. He had already blown a ton of money with three bands and he was full of sad stories. The two brothers, who had excellent ethics and honor in the sometimes questionable popular music business, gave Glenn Miller the momentum he needed, by investing not only money in his band, but by their own legwork and phone calls.

    They owned several dance venues in the New England area. In their stable sat one time or another were people like Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller.

    They helped Tommy Dorsey in the beginning, they helped us, and any new band that had any potential at all. They also helped Duke Ellington. In April of the Herman band recorded four tunes for Decca.

    One of them was a head arrangement, just a series of riffs based on a blues theme that soloists could work with. The band had played it frequently at the Roseland Ballroom.

    He had recently attended a Sportsman show in the Boston Garden, and there had been a wood chopping contest.

    Then fortune struck when George Simon, editor of Metronome Magazine used the words "The Herman Herd" to describe the band in a review, and it stuck.

    The band's next important boost was playing at the Famous Door on 52nd St. The Famous Door which also had a radio wire was where everybody hip in music hung out, and a gig there was coveted.

    Woody figured they had it made; they had shown they were top drawer stuff, but nothing big came out of the engagement. Although a bit better well known, a period of slogging through the country playing one-nighters for a year and a half followed.

    Charlotte gave birth to their one and only child, Ingrid, on September 3, , in Los Angeles. Woody sang it, and it became another big hit.

    It featured the entire band singing backgrounds behind the vocal, "And we worked for hours on it. The band appeared in several motion pictures on the eve of WWII.

    Because of Woody's chemistry with Bob Hope and the manager of the Paramount, Woody's band became a fixture. Whenever a "Road" picture played there, Woody and the band would be called back and stay with the film for up to 12 weeks, playing between showings.

    Woody was working seven shows a day, seven days a week, from 9 a. He wasn't eating, and became malnourished. This, and severe anxiety, created a situation that received psychiatric attention.

    But the Paramount Management almost had heart failure the first few times I stepped into the theater and on to the stage, just as it was rising out of the orchestra pit".

    Tires and gas were rationed. The draft, of course, had to call up all the able-bodied who could fight. The bands were primarily composed of young men between the ages of 18 to their mid's.

    Woody himself was 4-F because of two hernias. One of his Army examining physicians told him he'd be of far more value entertaining the troops to keep morale up than getting shot anyhow.

    Woody and the band spent the war entertaining troops on Army, Navy and Marine bases. They were heard over the Armed Forces Radio Network to troops too distant to be reached in person.

    Until , Woody's band was a versatile group, musically speaking. They could play blues, as well as romantic tunes, exceptionally well.

    They could play as a swinging dance band, and then turn to novelty numbers and even Dixieland Jazz. All of this kept the band working through very hard times during the war.

    Herman and his band followed the credo of Isham Jones, and played every kind of musical material to the highest level, and always treated each piece of music with respect.

    But by casting a wide net, and providing something for everyone, they failed as a group to create a "sound", as Basie, Goodman, Miller, Ellington, and Shaw had done.

    Woody's ear seemed more general, and thus the band's individuality was watered down. A few Jazz scholars have argued that, as far back as , with the titles "Woodsheddin' With Woody'; "Ten Day Furlough"; and "Hot Chestnuts", the band had provided the great power and style it would project from onwards, with the series of "Herds".

    He also recorded three of Dizzy Gillespie's first big band compositions in Behind all of the frantic change in wartime musical taste, the American Federation of Musicians, led by Caesar Petrillo, voted to strike for more royalty payments for juke box and radio play.

    One argument said it was costing jobs and therefore royalties should rise. This halted all instrumental recording, except vocalists accompanied by other voices for harmony.

    The recording ban lasted from July 13, , until November 11, BeBop had slid under the radar and into the public consciousness during the recording strike.

    New ideas born at the time were rarely captured in recording studios, with one exception, "Victory Discs", or V-Discs. These were large acetate discs that could hold many more songs per side- almost a precursor of the Long Play Record.

    Shipped out in protective cans to fighting fronts and broadcast on shortwave frequencies over the Armed Forces Radio Network, they provided the sound of home.

    Woody made a lot of V-Discs to send out while playing military bases and radio shows. Soldiers were the first to hear BeBop unmasked on a large scale.

    Their initial reaction to what Louis Armstrong called at the time, "that Chinese music", we may not know, but by the time fighting ended, another two things were clear in Pop music.

    Vocalists were in their ascendancy, and the big swing bands were running out of steam trying to keep up economically and culturally.

    BeBop claimed the middle ground. With the burgeoning vocalist's own styles playing endlessly on the radio and jukes, mile full-band bus trips on rationed fuel and bald tires wern't making much sense for a public that craved a more personal vocal to a loud bombastic Swing band.

    The teens who had danced to Benny Goodman in were now grown up and tempered by war, their energy spent working and having families.

    Many female postwar vocalists followed the full-throated styling of Anita O'Day. She created the sound with Gene Krupa's band, and was the first female vocalist to insist on wearing a band jacket like everyone else on the stand.

    The drama of Sinatra's solo records backed by Axel Stordahl and strings lent a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to an evening at home, or live, in a club.

    There were plenty of other popular singers waiting in the wings to take off soloing. Sinatra professionally feared Jimmy Dorsey's former vocalist Bob Eberly the most.

    He was afraid that once Bob Eberly broke through, he'd leave Sinatra in the dust. These were only the vanguard of the vocal dominated decades that followed, founded globally by Elvis Presley.

    They didn't sing for the band- the band stayed out of the way and played for them. Chubby Jackson remembers joining Woody in , at the height of the war: It was still the "Band That Plays The Blues", an adequate dance band but nothing terribly impressive.

    Woody was absolutely the man who gave me the full range of all my little eccentricities. And we had a devotion to him that could easily be called love.

    He was a great coordinator of musicians, because of his personality. He understood not to tell a new guy how to play.

    But we discovered that Sonny was best at the little shouts, the eight-bar fill, or a little chorus. That was our reputation- 'Oh, look at that, right on the spur of the moment.

    I was the first one to wear the beard, the different uniform. I got the blame for it as years went by. I was the eccentric- "He's out of it.

    For example, one of the numbers he had me doing was to put the bass across my knees while sitting down. Woody and I had a dialogue before we went into the music.

    I knew when to yell. Woody always said that I won the Downbeat Poll one year for just yelling. I just knew when to yell, and the band would respond.

    We were all geared up to beat the Chicago Bears every night. We'd wait for his chorus to come and wonder, "What is he gonna play tonight?

    On Woody's temperament, Jackson had an amusing memory: It was in the Metropole in New York. They had hired me to be the relief band.

    I played the first set, and then I saw Woody down at the other end of the bar. I put down my bass, and yelled, "Hey, Wood," and we hugged. The boss of the Metropole was an unbelievable man.

    The bartenders and everyone were afraid of him. Woody and I talked while he was putting a reed in his clarinet. And the boss comes over and says, "Hey, c'mon man, let's go to work, what are you doin' here?

    Nobody talked to Woody that way. And the guy said, "Yeah, you're Woody Herman aren't you? Well I own this joint, so let's get on the bandstand.

    Talk to the guy later. So Woody said, "I'll tell you, sir, you talk to my Business Manager Abe Turchen from now on if you want to say anything to me.

    If you say the same thing again in the same tone, two things are going to occur. Chubby also helped get pianist Ralph Burns, a genius of a writer Early Autumn in I have no idea how many pieces I did all together, but it was at least two or three a week during the first few years.

    Although Tough read no music, Woody told them "This Tough guy is very special. Gene Lee's describes vividly parts of what made Dave Tough who he was: In his adolescence he became a member of the 'Austin High Gang' Even then, drinking was his curse.

    He introduced the reading members of the Austin High Gang to the intellectuals of the time like H. Mencken, and later wrote a column for "Down Beat" By the age of 20 he was living in Paris He was also a wit.

    He'd get fired for missing gigs- not the first time, like anyone else- but the second or third time. We played under difficult conditions in forward areas on South Pacific islands.

    I's also under ponchos. At times they were bombed almost nightly by Japanese aircraft. During one of these attacks, Shaw permanently lost the hearing of one ear.

    The band went home sick and exhausted, Shaw told Lees,"Davey Tough was just a ghost. In spite of all that, when Tough arrived on the Herman bandstand for the Old Gold Cigarette radio program, he was in top form, Chubby Jackson said.

    Dave Tough was totally brilliant He didn't believe in metronomical time; he thought we should move. Flip [Phillips] was right down the middle, so we stayed with him.

    Sonny Berman used to play behind the beat, so we'd go with him. But when it was ensemble it was Davey and myself.

    He insisted that I stand right next to him so I could watch his foot pedal and movement of his hands.

    I learned an awful lot from Dave. He's coming into this band? Dave made that band, The First Herd and he insisted I play on the same level with him Dave tuned his drums to C, E, and G.

    He had a cymbal for when the tenor sax played. The ensemble cymbal was one of those rivet cymbals, but he had taken out all the rivets but two, and then he had sliced a v-cut into it.

    It looked like something that should have been thrown out. But instead, it had a sound that blended, a take-over sound.

    It had a human warmth to it. All of a sudden the band started to get that fury. He made all of us soloists.

    So sure of ourselves. I started to find something I felt was my own sound, and it was due to Davey. He was always scared of having a seizure.

    Fear made him drink. By September of Dave was drinking heavily again and quit the Herman band. Gene Lee's quotes critic Whitney Balliet: He was losing his saturnine good looks.

    He had a long, wandering, bony face, a high, domed forehead, and black hair with a widow's peak- it was a face perched on tiny shoulders, of a bigger man.

    He got drunk on the afternoon of December 8, , while heading to an apartment he shared with Chan, his wife, in Newark.

    He fell and hit his head on the street curb. He had no I. The city took him to the morgue as an unidentified body.

    Chan located him at the morgue after three days of searching and waiting. Tough's death, and so many others, reminded me of Dizzy Gillespie's answer to a jazz critic who questioned how "serious" jazz was as a musical entity: You can't get more serious than that".

    The First Herd was Woody Herman's best known and economically successful band. Charlotte, alone in their new terraced Hollywood home purchased from the Bogarts, was turning to pills and alcohol to beat her loneliness.

    Trumpeters Berman, Condoli and Rogers, quit for different reasons, some were health related , and the band was exhausted from the road tour one-nighters.

    Woody went home to get Charlotte straightened out. Woody also took Charlotte to AA meetings "And the first time we arrived at one, I met a lot of my ex-band members and many friends.

    I remember seeing Billy May greeting me with open arms, and I told him, "I'm cool, you know. I'm just here with Charlotte. I enjoyed the meetings.

    It was nice to hear people bare their souls". I saw a lot of it, the connections. I was well aware of it.

    I saw the guys out there trying to score. But I remained the biggest square in life. But I don't think the road had anything to do with it.

    They just wanted to get high, and the contacts were everywhere and still are. If a guy wants anything, he can get it anywhere, anytime of the day or night.

    In debt, with no real big band business in the offing, Woody disbanded the Second Herd in As a result of the constant recycling since the late 's of that genre of big band style by dozens of orchestras, we tend to take it for granted today.

    We should not forget, however, that there has been very little substantively new in big-band styling since Woody's First Herd.. This was due in large measure to Ralph Burn's arrangements and compositions, and the fortuitous coming together of a young, dynamic, exceptionally talented group of players All the other white bands of the 's Their conversion and commitment to the idiom was not as deep as Herman's and his Herd.

    Woody found a new record label, even owning it for a while, called Mars. Milt Jackson had been playing with Woody towards the end of the Second Herd and left the new band.

    On Christmas it rained and wiped us out in the outdoor nightclub. The owner went to the hospital with a heart attack. On New Year's Eve, the same thing happened.

    The biggest night of the year. I think it sent him back to the hospital. He wasn't that well known there.

    People reacted very casually to him. Woody got sort of frustrated. So one night I called him to the side and said "Woody, I think I ought to make you aware of something.

    I think that they don't know these tunes down here. We were flying over hostile Indians and desert and jungle in some of those aircraft.

    One time we loaded up and the plane was too heavy. Doctor Strange had one for a while as part of a retool into a 'darker' character.

    Spike has acquired one for some reason in the short for Issue 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW , even though both his eyes clearly work fine in the last panel.

    Perhaps he just felt it looked cool. Spartan-II Black-One has one, though in a variant it's actually a cybernetic prosthetic that lets her keep seeing despite the loss of her actual eye.

    Frater Sinister has his eye gouged out by the dragonlord he was allied with when his insurrection against the emperor falls apart, and has to wear a black eyepatch from then on as he openly joins the forces of evil.

    Age of the Wolf: One of the female leaders of a Neo-Nazi post-apocalyptic gang is wearing a black eyepatch after half her face was burned in a fight against Rowan.

    By the time she is an old woman, Rowan herself has lost an eye that she covers with a black eyepatch as a result of her repeated fights against werewolves.

    Both Edmund Holt and Des of Revival wear one over the left eye to remind readers they're serving the same role in the story. While he's soft-spoken by nature and aphasic by condition, Leo from Doonesbury does come off as badass at times.

    Snoopy and his pretend crew of "bloodthirsty pirates" wear these. Although the baddass quotient decreases when one of his crewbirds tries to double it—and wanders into a post.

    Sally, during a story arc where she wears an eyepatch to treat 'lazy eye', looks at herself and thinks she should be in an ad for men's shirts. When her eye got better, she gave it to Snoopy.

    A one-page gag in MAD , written and drawn by John Caldwell, features two pirates talking about a third, saying how he is twice as fearsome of a pirate as they will ever be.

    Said fearsome pirate has two peg legs, two hook arms, two eye patches, and a parrot on both shoulders.

    In SnarfQuest , Prince Raffendorf wears an eyepatch that would probably be far more dashing had he not suffered a Baleful Polymorph that transformed him into a humanoid rat.

    Asuka wears a patch over her right eye after a spear pierced it during a battle. Eleya's father Kanril Torvo has a patch over his left eye, said to be a souvenir from the Bajorans' war of liberation from Cardassian rule.

    The Book of Life: Jorge and Scardelita Sanchez wear ones over their left eye sockets. Joaquin loses his right eye in the final battle.

    He places a black eyepatch over it. There's nothing wrong with the eye under it—so when he needs to get a better look at something he just lifts it up.

    The Dragon of Bajrangpur's infamous gang in The Return of Hanuman wears this, in addition with a walking stick. Before Maruti explored the gang's HQ , he was thought as a one-eyed demon.

    Buck the weasel in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs movie, although more Cloud Cuckoolander "And now let me tell you about the time I used a sharpened clamshell to turn a T-Rex I couldn't help but notice that your scar goes over your eyepatch.

    Though the Rooster in the film is still an excellent shot with one eye, the film points out his difficulty aiming, and it's why he accidentally hits LaBoeuf in the arm during a shootout.

    Benedict, the Big Bad in Last Action Hero , has a collection of unique glass eyes, most of which have special functions, like explosives. The Undiscovered Country doesn't wear an eyepatch—he's such a badass that he actually has a metal plate riveted to his face.

    Big Bad Sarris from Galaxy Quest has a metal plate bolted over his damaged right eye after surviving having his ship blown up by atomic mines.

    He's a sadistic bastard, but that's pretty badass. Dilios, the sole survivor in the film By definition given his peers a badass, he is perhaps more so because, with his one eye and his talent for storytelling, he is ordered to do the hard thing for a Spartan: Towards the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End , Ragetti a Plucky Comic Relief character gives up his wooden eye for an eyepatch since it turned out his wooden eye was one of the pieces of eight of the Pirate Lords.

    He doesn't really become more badass, but it does mark a shift into a more serious tone of the film.

    Serizawa, the man who killed Godzilla in the original Gojira. Akikito Hirata played an eyepatch-wearing villain in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.

    Number Two from the first Austin Powers film neatly takes the second version: Tarantino got the idea from a '70s exploitation film no surprise there called Thriller: Unfortunately for Driver, getting her remaining eye plucked out makes her defenseless.

    Some viewers mistook Typho for a recast Panaka with battle damage. James Bond Emilio Largo in Thunderball.

    It helps that he's one of the most charismatic Bond villains ever. Played with the minor villain Gettler in Casino Royale , who wears glasses that have one lense darkened.

    The aptly named Kid Blink from Newsies. In The Mummy Returns , the character Izzy is first seen wearing an eyepatch.

    Subverted when he openly admits that he wears it to look good; Rick pulls it off afterwards. Major Eden Sinclair in Doomsday. She also has a fake eye, but half the time it's being bounced around and used as a spy camera.

    This is a Shout-Out to the Cyclops and the Greek mythology underpinning the story. Subverted in The Eagle Has Landed.

    While Colonel Radl does wear a black eyepatch, he is neither particularly evil nor that powerful. He is in fact a calm, empathetic and remotely fatalistic officer.

    Inspector Kemp from Young Frankenstein sports one of these, along with a wooden arm either the left or the right depending on context and funniness and monocle on the same eye as the eyepatch.

    Many of the publicity photos and posters for the Terminator movies show Arnie with one human-like eye and one glowing red machine eye, showing the bad-assedness of having one normal eye and one weird high-tech eye.

    The character is a deliberate parody of real-life Israeli military leader Moshe Dayan, who wore an eyepatch. In the old cowboy film Black Patch , the title character got the name because he had to wear such a patch after his enemies cut out his eye.

    He sports one of these, as well as several gold teeth. Christopher Lee wore an eyepatch for his role as Rochefort in The Three Musketeers , to make him more sinister, and this appearance detail has carried over to a lot of other adaptations.

    Several examples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: As in mythology and the comic books , Odin has one eye. What sets him apart in this adaptation is his choice of eyegear.

    He has a regular eyepatch and an armored eyepatch for battle. Nick Fury in all his film appearances. The Winter Soldier Fury even weaponizes this trope by storing the retinal data for his bad eye in the S.

    By the end of Thor: Ragnarok , Thor loses an eye and gains one of these. He cut his own eye out for flinching from an enemy.

    Johnny Five dons an eyepatch of sorts it's actually his nonfunctional eye being held in place and covered by electrical tape during the third act of Short Circuit 2.

    Its reveal marks a second mood shift in the film and begins his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Upper-left quarter of his head is cybernetic.

    His eye is a reg-glowing lens. The Russian assassin Morovich in Condorman is prone to wearing an eyepatch. It's usually worn either in place of or to conceal his distinctive false eye, which is entirely silver.

    In Friendly Persuasion , the Union Army veteran giving new-to-combat Josh some friendly advice while they lay in wait for Confederate raiders has an eyepatch over one eye.

    Anne's first mate Dougal sports an eyepatch in Anne of the Indies: Longara eventually kils him by driving a drinking straw through his good eye.

    Donar Vadderung in The Dresden Files has one of these, as well an incredible amount of power. Unsurprising, since he's Odin. Lampshaded with jollity in Garth Nix 's Keys to the Kingdom series, in which Arthur encounters a band of savage looking sailors.

    When it's revealed that their appearances are all for show, one of them insists that he can not only have one but two eyepatches, if one-way leather is used.

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians: When he is introduced in Battle of the Labyrinth, Ethan Nakamura has already made a deal with his godly mother, Nemesis, and sacrificed one eye in order to become more powerful.

    He is the one to find Percy's Achilles' Heel literally and even his own conscience when he turns against Kronos in the last minute.

    Professor Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter books has a magical glass eye, which is not only intimidating and can see in any direction, but also penetrates solid objects and illusions.

    Ryan Cawdor of the Deathlands novels has one. He is an exceptional shot with a gun, but in conversation the characters note that this is rather unusual and indicative of his marksmanship talents.

    Teatime in the Discworld novel Hogfather is a sociopathic and highly-skilled assassin with one good eye. Many characters in the book think his glass eye which is blank, and rumored to be made from the same glass used for crystal balls isn't nearly as scary as his good eye which has an unnervingly narrow pupil.

    Of course, considering that Discworld magic is more than a little unstable, it proves how insane he is if he put a magic prosthetic in his eye socket.

    Vimes has to act briefly as his one-eyed mentor to establish a Stable Time Loop —however, he's no more badass than he normally is, which is still pretty damn badass.

    Jarlaxle leads a prestigious mercenary company and is something of a Magnificent Bastard , glorying in chaos and favored by the drow's evil spider goddess.

    Titular character Hawk of Simon R. Green's Hawk And Fisher fantasy-mystery series has an eyepatch over one eye, as well as several scars along his face.

    Unusually enough, he does have depth perception problems, at least to the point where he prefers to fight with a short-handled axe rather than a sword.

    He's almost over-the-top in levels of 'experienced badass combatant', though, even with this handicap.

    Honor Harrington wore an eyepatch in one book after her left eye was damaged, before she had it replaced with a cybernetic eye with telescopic vision.

    Later, she also acquired a synthetic arm. Captain William Fredrickson from the Sharpe series is missing an eye and his two front teeth.

    When he enters combat, he removes his eyepatch and false teeth to frighten the enemy. His brother Aeron , describes Euron's uncovered eye as his "smiling eye" and makes vague, fearful references to what he hides beneath the patch.

    He is captain of the ship "Silence", whose crew is made of mutes and its hull painted red with the blood of Euron's enemies, and it is said that men pray whenever they see his sails.

    Corum in Michael Moorcock 's novels is given the Eye of the missing god Rhynn to replace his lost eye. This allows him to see into—and summon the assistance of creatures from—other realms whenever he raises his jeweled eyepatch.

    Later on he has to give the no-longer missing Rhynn his eye back, and thereafter wears a conventional eyepatch.

    The Wheel of Time Uno is introduced with just one eye, later on he starts wearing an eyepatch with a scary eye painted on it.

    While he IS a badass he more of a drill sergeant. Mat Cauthon loses an eye, too, and he actually notes his lack of depth perception and worsened sight, but he decides it isn't so bad.

    After all,he needed to trade it with Eldritch Abominations shaped as Snakes, who you can only way to survive the Evil Tower of Ominousness , which a children's game is base off of, because All Myths Are True.

    In order to become a full member, the supplicant must put out one of their own eyes and receive no medical treatment for any reason until they have completed fashioning the silver mirror they will use to divine the future.

    Constructing the mirror can take years. Those who are successful are given an augmetic eye to replace the one they sacrificed, and henceforth hide their remaining real eye behind an eye patch when not actively scrying.

    Booster and Phanan each have a glowing red prosthesis. When Phanan dies staring at the stars and someone closes his real eye, his mechanical one stays powered, not dimming.

    Crespin is said to have got a glossy black prosthetic, but because people found it unnerving he wore a mirrored patch over it.

    Wedge suspects that he can see through it. Baron Soontir Fel acquires an eye patch. When asked why he never replaced it with a prosthetic, he says that the resources can be better used elsewhere and that he's still the best damn pilot in the Empire of the Hand.

    Tusken Raiders always go masked anyway, but A'Yark only has the use of one eye, so she's jammed a reddish gemstone into the other eyepiece.

    Friday by Robert A. Friday's unnamed Boss refuses to have his eye regenerated, and so wears an 'unfashionable' eyepatch. MacDonald feature the heroine Beka Metadi assumes the identity of the roguish and male Tarnikep Portee, a nearly psychotic dandy with a crimson eyepatch and an oversized blaster.

    Tarnikep is both crazier and more of a badass that Beka. Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Xiahou Dun earns his Eyepatch of Power by getting hit in the eye with an arrow.

    Unfazed, he plucks out the arrow, eats his own eye , and returns to the fight. Tales of the Sundered Lands: One-Eyed Ryan, as his name suggests, has only one eye.

    He is also very experienced. Lysir, who may actually BE Odin. His face is so forbidding that no one dares ask his first name.

    It turns out that his eyepatch was not gained during any battlefield heroics. An ornery old man tossed a rose in the Major's eye for being so damn imperious.

    Flashy doesn't care why she has it, as he finds it smoking hot, along with her. In Expecting Someone Taller a very loose, comic sequel to the famous opera, The Ring of the Nibelung , Wotan, the king of the gods, wears one, just as he does in the opera.

    His troubles with depth perception are accurately mentioned, and he definitely meets his badass quota by doing most of the work in hauling off an osprey's nest from the top of a telephone pole.

    In Changeling by Roger Zelazny , when Mark Marakson is slowly becoming a dark lord of high technology in a world of magic , one of the first things he gets is an implant in his left eye.

    With a lens that buzzes and changes color adapting to illuminance. In The Shattered Kingdoms , the mercenary known as the Mongrel has an eyepatch, but she isn't missing an eye.

    Rather, her two eyes work differently from each other as a result of her supernatural illness which applies a sort of Duality Motif to her.

    Both eyes work, but they don't work well together , and she actually sees better if she only uses one at a time.

    In Another , Mei Misaki wears an eyepatch that covers an artificial eye that replaces the one she lost to cancer. She can see the "color of death" with said "eye".

    Jurand in The Knights of the Cross , of an experienced combatant variety also, badass. Later on he loses the other eye, along with some other body parts, thanks to the vengeful villains.

    The sorcerer Peredur in The Dragon Waiting. The title character Hank Frost wore an eyepatch, and a Running Gag involved him providing a different and highly implausible explanation every time someone asked how he lost his eye.

    In the ebook Lockhartand Teague: The Empty Chest Allegra Stroud is a powerful and imposing character who has a glass eye.

    It's implied that she had it made a slightly lighter shade than her other, real eye just to screw with people. Polly in Quicksand House spends most of the story wearing an improvised eyepatch made from a doll's face.

    Hence why the picture on the book's cover is of a green-haired girl with antlers and a doll's-face eyepatch, giving you a good idea of what to expect.

    Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians: The Big Bad of the first book is Blackburn, who Invoked this trope. In their world, magic has to do with lenses magic glasses and he put out one of his own eyes in order to concentrate all his power through the one eye.

    It works, in that it makes him a more powerful Oculator, but it also handicaps him and makes him short-sighted. He's a very powerful Oculator, Alcatraz — they say he put out his own eye to increase the power focused through his single remaining one.

    Beric Dondarrion wears one after "surviving" a dagger in the eye. MythBusters did a segment exploring the story that a pirate captains wore an unnecessary eyepatch so that they could go above and below decks without losing their night-vision, as the eye covered would already be dark-acclimated.

    Their tests showed that switching an eyepatch from one eye to the other in a darkened room made navigating an obstacle course significantly easier.

    Saul Tigh, as of S3 of Battlestar Galactica He's always been somewhat of a Poisonous Friend , almost a Magnificent Bastard , but perhaps not coincidentally, he becomes a significantly more formidable character at more or less the exact same point at which he loses his eye.

    In what may count as a subversion, Tigh forgoes a classic black eyepatch for a distinctly more medical flesh-colored patch with transparent cords.

    Moreover, he spends several episodes beforehand with a very uncool chunk of gauze taped to his face. It's also worthy of note that there was an episode where he was having a great deal of difficulty putting his "uncool chunk of gauze" on by himself, subverting the "no loss of depth perception" addendum above.

    Subverted in Flight of the Conchords: David Bowie appears to Bret in a dream and tells him that he'd become more famous as a musician if he started wearing an eyepatch.

    Bret wears one for a while but stops after he complains about his poor depth perception causing him to miss chairs and run into walls.

    In his next dream, Bret tells Bowie what happened and he admits he had similar problems when he wore one see Music below. In the same way goatees are commonly used to depict evil Alternate Universe versions of characters in parodies after Spock grew one in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror Mirror" , eyepatches are used for the same purpose, because the evil version of the Brigadier wore one in the Doctor Who serial Inferno.

    And as we all know, Evil is Bad Ass , therefore, this counts as a variation on this trope. He's a Badass Biker to boot, but still a good guy. Madam Kovarian from the series of Doctor Who has some kind of cybernetic device over her right eye.

    A bunch of other characters start wearing copies of it in "The Wedding of River Song". The Doctor notes that all the servants of The Silence wear them, and as such is horrified when he sees Amy wearing one.

    She however is not Brainwashed and Crazy and notes that it is not an eyepatch, it lets them remember the Silents.

    Which is why both their servants, and those fighting them like Amy's group wear them. The eyepatches also act as kill-devices that electrocute their wearers to death once the Silence have no further use for them.

    As Kovarian learned the painful way when Amy forced hers back on. The man survived many injuries such a sonic fence-induced brain hemorrhage and being shot in the chest with a harpoon relatively unscathed.

    It took the Word of God to convince fans that he could die. General Martok, of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , was already badass as a Klingon. Add to that the removal of his eye, the scar tissue that covered up the socket in a natural eye patch, and his becoming the winningest Klingon commander of the war and eventually the new Chancellor, and you have a true badass.

    Humorously subverted in the Ferengi episode of Star Trek: While Paris and Chakotay visit an alien planet, they're approached by a 'prophet' read: This all works very well though neither of them are actually fooled , until Paris dryly points out that his eyepatch was on the other eye the last time they spoke with him.

    Said con-man then switches the patch to the 'correct' eye right in front of them, and holds out his hand for payment.

    Lily Charles of Pushing Daisies is missing an eye due to an incident while cleaning cat litter and is definitely bad-ass, blowing her erstwhile assassin out the window with her shotgun after he thought her choked to death.

    You see, Chuck just happened to be in her blind-spot at the time Space Commander Travis in Blake's 7 has a skinlike eye patch large enough for the Two-Faced trope to also apply.

    It's an injury inflicted by Blake in their Back Story , along with the damaged arm that's been converted into an Arm Cannon.

    In the pilot for Firefly , Lawrence Dobson gets his eye shot out by Mal. Though he survives, he harbors a massive grudge in the tie-in comic Those Left Behind , and, as a nifty bonus, he gets a seriously mean-looking cybernetic eye implant grafted onto the side of his head.

    This goes hand-in-hand with his boosted badassness by that point. Then subverted, as Mal ends up shooting him in the other eye and a few dozen other places.

    Subverted in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place during the Harry Potter spoof school for magic where everyone must wear a bathrobe over their clothes and a pair of glasses just like Harry's to accessorize the bathrobes the rude upperclassman who acts as Justin's rival wears an Eyepatch over a functioning eye, not to make himself better but just to get out of wearing the dorky glasses.

    G'Kar was badass even before losing the eye, but gets downright messianic afterwards. Also, his eye was part of a prophecy involving Londo - "saving the eye that does not see" is one of three actions that would save Londo from bad, bad things.

    Then the Drakh put a Keeper on him. Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer got considerably more badass after Caleb takes out his eye during Season 7.

    This too subverts the "no lost depth perception" by having him state that he now has to renew his driver's license every year, due to his loss in depth perception.

    Though Dawn proves that even with his badass boost she is more badass by using a tazer on him soon after waking up from him chloroforming her.

    In the Spin City episode "Grand Illusion", bumbling press secretary Paul Lassiter Richard Kind is forced to wear an eyepatch for several days because of an accident with his new toaster.

    Almost immediately, it starts taking effect: Women start finding him attractive, he's able to hold his own with the people who insult him, he makes sure the press have no questions at all, and is even able to order his boss around a little.

    At the end of the episode, he decides he doesn't need the eyepatch in order to be confident, and pitches it. Needless to say, it doesn't go as planned, and he ends up trying to find it again.

    The magnificent Catalina Creel from Cuna De Lobos , Evil Matriarch who uses her eyepatch to inflict guilt over her unfavourite son for the accident who left her blind on that eye.

    She also overdoes every telenovela villain ever. Her eyepatch is so vital to her that the first murder we see she does, in the very first chapter, is her husband's, because he discovered that the eye under that patch is healthy , and he wanted to uncover the truth.

    La Espada y la Rosa Zorro: He's the father of the antagonistic sisters Esmeralda and Mariangel, both interested in the main character, and wears a nice black eyepatch.

    Richard "Yin Yang Man" Branden on WMAC Masters wore an eye patch with a yin yang symbol on it however his is legitimately blind in that eye and sometimes during exhibitions he would actually use a glass eye with the symbol on it instead.

    In the original television airings of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles , there were segments set in the present day the then present, around These bits featured an elderly Indiana Jones , who wore an eyepatch over his right eye, and a pair of glasses over the patch.

    He also had a nasty facial scar trailing out from under his eyepatch. However, these 's scenes were all deleted in later airings of the show , and still haven't become available on home video.

    A time skip was involved here, because Indy still has both eyes in all the films so far which cover events up to , and when the Chronicles first aired extended only to One of the most popular characters on Days of Our Lives in the late s was Steve 'Patch' Johnson who in his backstory had lost an eye in a fight with the show's main hero Bo Brady and wore a patch.

    In Tensou Sentai Goseiger , the Seaick form of their Giant Robot , Gosei Great, has a literal Eyepatch of Power ; it not only adds to the pirate look of the mecha, it allows it to detect and target enemies.

    He lost his eye to Souji. In Twin Peaks , Nadine Hurley wears an eyepatch over her left eye after losing it in a hunting accident on her and her husband Ed's honeymoon.

    At the beginning of the second season after attempting suicide , she not only loses her memory, but also gains Super Strength.

    In fact, she's so strong, she accidentally pulled a door off its hinges. In NCIS , Trent Kort seems quite unfazed and even more driven ever since losing an eye to the port-to-port killer and wearing a metallic eye patch.

    He even seems to enjoy the menacing look it gives him. The trouble with that is, he's a cyclops. When his parrot shouts out insults he thinks the cabin boy's doing it.

    Tom Croydon of Blue Heelers first had a bandage, then a medical patch after the station bombing. He's implied to kill two criminals, threatens the jobs of those around him, alienates everyone who knows him and becomes a thug for the better part of the rest of the series.

    A villainous example from The Walking Dead: The Governor, though already established as a very dangerous man, eventually dons an eyepatch after Michonne gauges out his eye with a piece of broken glass , though unlike most examples it does take a few episodes before he puts on the actual eyepatch, though the bandages he wears in that time could still count.

    In Arrow Slade Wilson wears one in the present-day timeline, having lost his right eye sometime in the past due to having an arrow stabbed through his eye by Oliver.

    After losing his eye to Oliver, Deadshot is given an eyepiece that restores and enhances its vision. In Mad Men , after an incident while hunting with clients in Detroit, Ken Cosgrove wounds his right eye and is forced to wear an eyepatch.

    One episode of Combat , "Odyssey", has Sgt. Saunders pretending to a shellshocked German soldier named "Corporal Ernst Keller. In an apparently intentional allusion to Polyphemus from The Odyssey , the orderly wears an eyepatch and does his best to "sniff out" Germans who are feigning their injuries, and Saunders has to continually outwit him.

    Spoofed in the Supernatural episode "Pac Man Fever". When she first appears she's wearing an entirely unnecessary eyepatch that she removes after her Big Damn Heroes.

    Kove wears an eyepatch, given that she's a female Nick Fury spoof. He sports a fashionable black eyepatch which serves seemingly no reason other than to make him appear more badass than he already is.

    He can be blatantly seen switching the eyepatch from eye to eye proving the previous statement. The music video for They Might Be Giants ' song "Hollywood House of Blues" involves an innovative alternative rock band called The Lads, whose lead singer wears an eyepatch.

    The eyepatch is also key to the greater success of Lads rip-off band The Blokes. Kansas guitarist Rich Williams, who lost an eye to a childhood fireworks accident.

    Country singer Dick Curless covered a bad right eye with his trademark patch. Ray Sawyer of Dr. Marchione to retire State Senator Kathy Marchione announced on Wednesday that she will not run for re-election.

    Marchione cited family reasons for stepping away from the Senate, but Democrats are buoyed by her decision to leave , combined with the results of this week's special election.

    In a letter, Cuomo told Felder," You have said that you act in the best interest of your constituents.

    For their benefit, now is the time that matters. Polls are open until 9 pm. Check with the state Board of Elections or your county board of elections site.

    And its fate in the state legislature isn't clear , in part because of a key swing vote in the state Senate.

    Chris Churchill commented that the bag ban is an example of Cuomo's "great Cynthia Nixon freak-out. Albany homicide Albany police say a year-old man died after being shot multiple times near Clinton Street and Second Ave in the South End map Sunday afternoon.

    APD says it's investigating and asking anyone with info to call or provide an anonymous tip. It's Albany's second homicide of the year.

    Federal prosecutors allege that Mack recruited women for what was described as a mentorship group but instead were sexually exploited.

    Mack had been previously listed as an unidentified co-conspirator. Schenectady landslide In a notice of claim filed against the city of Schenectady, owners of a rental property on Nott Terrace allege that the city knew there was a water leak on the hillside above their property that was weakening hillside before the January landslide.

    The man was trapped in a residence by the landslide says he's been suffering from physical injuries and PTSD. An attorney for neighbors who oppose the project says there may be further legal challenges.

    Schenectady City Council president workplace violence allegation Schenectady City Council president Ed Kosiur said in a letter that he raised his voice and was impolite during an exchange with city employees, but he strongly disagrees that he violated the city's workplace violence policy.

    Teens sentenced in Mechanicville murder The 17 year old and 20 year old who admitted to robbing and fatally shooting a Mechanicville man last summer, were sentenced to 18 years to life and 20 years to life respectively.

    Sentencing in death of teen Nineteen-year-old Christopher Miranda was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison for the death of year-old Zachery Brown, struck and killed on a Saratoga County roadside last year, driving at speeds of up to miles per hour.

    Car crashes into yards, home and hydrant A car crashed into the porch of a Schenectady home on Albany Street early Thursday morning, hitting three yards, a fire hydrant and flipping an SUV in its path.

    The driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment. Police taped RPI protest Troy police officers hired by RPI videotaped a protest at the school last fall, and handed the tape over to institute officials, who used it to identify protest leaders.

    A middle class guy Andrew Cuomo released his tax return on Tuesday, and declared himself a " middle class guy.

    Sheehan campaign complaint The state Board of Elections has filed a complaint alleging Kathy Sheehan's mayoral campaign took contributions from donors that exceeded limits , filed late reports, and violated a law that forbids political parties from holding raffles -- a campaign spokesman said the campaign has been working with the state BOE "to amend filings and ensure compliance.

    Schenectady code enforcement Schenectady city officials told a city council committee meeting that the city's buildings department is more quickly addressing code violation reports , emphasizing training, and working toward other improvements.

    The department has been the subject of significant criticism following the fatal Jay Street fire. Nurses there say they're seeking a voice in staffing decisions as well as fair wages and benefits.

    Ahead of the announcement when it became apparent he wasn't going to get the endorsement, Andrew Cuomo said he wouldn't be seeking it.

    The last two labor unions that were part of the Working Families Party also exited. The endorsement also possibly has some implications for future ballot lines.

    When upstate is ruled, as it usually is, by downstate politicians with so little understanding of its needs, wants and culture, the region can only continue to suffer and dwindle.

    Marijuana legalization Andrew Cuomo on marijuana legalization: Schenectady police Last year's Court of Appeals ruling that Schenectady's public safety commissioner can preside over police disciplinary hearings includes a provision that the trial portion of the process is open to the public -- though the three cases that come up since then have been resolved before reaching that point.

    Former mayor pleads guilty The former mayor of Stillwater -- Rick W. Nelson -- has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. He's facing years in prison.

    Roger Stone and James O'Keefe at Siena Siena is hosting a student-organized free speech conference this weekend that will feature many conservative political figures and operatives , including Roger Stone and James O'Keefe.

    NXIVM founder Keith Raniere is scheduled to appear in federal court in Brooklyn this week on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

    Suspicious device removed from Ballston Spa railroad track State, local and federal authorities safely removed what appeared to be a pipe bomb from railroad tracks in Ballston Spa on Wednesday.

    The city has been working with the state in recent years on its fiscal situation, submitting itself to a review by an outside firm at the state's request.

    Holocaust memorial Niskayuna residents turned out Tuesday night to voice their opinions on a controversial Holocaust Memorial proposed for Route 7.

    Raniere attorney NXIVM leader Keith Raniere has retained Paul DerOhannesian a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor from Albany to defend him against federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

    Troy police Troy mayor Patrick Madden says the city should get an independent expert to assess the size of the city's police force with an eye toward expanding the force in order to purse community policing.

    Siena coach investigation A "person who witnessed the incident but is not authorized by the school to comment" tells the Times Union that they saw Siena men's basketball coach push a player out a chair during a team review session , an incident Brendan Lyons reports is now a subject of the investigation of Patsos.

    Albany Med nurse unionization A look at the heated situation surrounding the current unionization campaign among nurses at Albany Med. Greenfield woman shot in head The Saratoga County Sheriff's office says a Greenfield woman was shot in the head by her boyfriend during a domestic incident Saturday night, and was in critical condition.

    Neighbors said they heard yelling before the gunshot. The sheriff's office says the boyfriend has been charged with first-degree assault.

    Fatal industrial accident Colonie police say a man working for a landscaping and excavation company died Saturday after he was pinned between by two pieces of equipment.

    The capacity crowd of people had a series of pointed questions for Stefanik, and some of her answers prompted derisive laughter and boos.

    Schenectady County jail employee resignations following raid State Police say a former Schenectady County jail guard was arrested last week as part of a drug investigation, which prompted an internal investigation by the Schenectady County Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Dominic Dagostino says four jail employees have resigned as a result.

    Troy police drug unit closed New Troy police chief Brian Owens has closed the department drug unit that had included members now facing charges related to an alleged coverup of a warrantless search, and says he's focusing the department on community policing.

    Andrew Cuomo said the move would put Andrea Stewart-Cousins on track to be the first woman to lead a Senate majority conference, but Dems still have to pick up two Senate seats in special elections later this month for that to happen.

    Man killed on train tracks Police in Colonie say a man was killed by an Amtrak passenger train after he appeared to purposely step out in front of the train.

    Jay Street fire A Schenectady County grand jury review of the situation surrounding the Jay Street fatal fire concludes that " the numerous failures of the Schenectady Bureau of Code Enforcement office He criticized Andrew Cuomo for "an administration focused inward, not on the people, but on self-preservation, political survival and presidential ambitions.

    Experts say it's unclear the workarounds will work. State budget As of Friday morning there was still no overall deal on a state budget as leaders try to get things nailed down before the start of the religious holidays and the start of the new fiscal year.

    Though the state legislature continued the tradition of passing bills in the middle of the night. A look at a few of the sticking points , which sometimes come down to individual members.

    Nurse unionization at Albany Med The Cuomo admin announced Thursday that the state Department of Labor will be investigating alleged "threatening and coercive behavior" at Albany Med being used against the campaign to unionized nurses there.

    Albany Med, in a statement to the Times Union, countered that it has "received numerous reports of our nurses who intend to vote no being subjected to intimidation and bullying by union supporters.

    But several controversial policy issues may be left off the negotiating table , including early voting, tuition aid for undocumented immigrants, and a law that would make it easer for victims of child abuse to sue abusers.

    Cuomo on bailing out casino In response to questions abou the struggling Del Lago casino, which is having trouble competing with the Seneca Indian Nation casinos, Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that he has no interest in bailing out private businesses.

    Budget Legislators are scrambling to finish up the budget early so they can get home for Passover and Good Friday, and it appears a number of issues may be left out of the plan, including taxes, immigration policy, sexual harassment and the Child Victim's Act.

    NXIVM founder arrested The Department of Justice announced that Keith Raniere -- the founder of Nxivm, the secretive org based in Colonie -- is facing charges for alleged sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

    The group is alleged to have branded women with a cauterizing device and required them to submit compromising material about themselves.

    She also the criticized what she described as the "the old boys' club" arrangement in state government. So drives these threats? APD said a man was shot in the leg and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

    It described the situation as "an isolated incident that occurred inside of a single room at the motel in which the victim and suspects were known to each other.

    Charges in Schenectady school crash A Schenectady man is facing charges for driving through a window into a classroom at Dr.

    Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in the early morning hours on Wednesday. The teen is charged with making a terroristic threat, which carries a maximum penalty of 2 to 7 years in prison.

    Capital Region population growth up while upstate population declines According to new census data, the Capital Region added nearly 17, residents since , making it the only Upstate New York region to show population growth in that time period.

    A letter to parents from the principal says that the threat was not credible but the district was still taking it seriously.

    Car slams into school Schenectady's Martin Luther King Elementary School is closed today , after a car drove through a window and into a classroom overnight.

    Abuse allegations at state agency Brendon Lyons reports that a n unreleased state Inspector General's investigation found that a top official at the state Division of Criminal Justice Services threatened female employees and engaged in years of sexual harassment, racism, and ageism -- but the official was not disciplined and two women who testified as part of the investigation were punished.

    Cole crash trial From Friday: A Saratoga County court jury found John W. Cole guilty of felony assault, driving while ability impaired, and reckless driving -- and acquitted him of two other charges -- for the March crash in Halfmoon that left one of his passengers a quadriplegic.

    He faces two to seven years at sentencing. Scott Shapiro -- the husband of Deanna Shapiro, was seriously injured: Plot against judge was made up Albany County sheriff Craig Apple says it's been determined that the reported plot against state Supreme Court justice Thomas Breslin was made up by a county jail inmate in an effort to get a deal.

    Guilty plea in Cohoes fire John Gomes pleaded guilty to fourth-degree arson for starting the burn barrel fire that got out of control in November destroying a damaging numerous buildings in Downtown Cohoes.

    Fatal crash on Cohoes Waterford Bridge Police continue to investigate a fatal car crash that closed down the Cohoes-Waterford Bridget this morning.

    The Percoco trial and the Cuomo administration The Percoco trial raised a number of ethics and transparency questions about the Cuomo administration.

    Andrew Cuomo says the suggestions he knew about Joe Percoco's actions are "political garbage. Anything less is unacceptable.

    Based on the above it was the safest way to remove the immediate hazard, given the circumstances presented.

    The acting CPD chief said the department will work to develop different procedures for similar situations in the future.

    Oquendo sentencing A State Supreme Court justice sentenced Johnny Oquendo to 27 years to life in prison for the murder of his stepdaughter Noel Alkaramla.

    Oquendo, who represented himself at the sentencing , maintained his innocence in a statement to the court. Percoco jury deadlocked The jury in the corruption trial of Joe Percoco has again told a judge that it is deadlocked , but the judge in the case wants them to continue trying to reach a verdict.

    Fatal fire in Rensselaer Three members of a Rensselaer family -- a child, mother, and grandmother -- died in a house fire early Sunday morning. Two other children suffered injuries , one of them serious.

    Officials say it's not clear yet what caused the fire -- it gutted the entire home -- and it's under investigation.

    More than a hundred people gathered outside the house on Sunday for a vigil. Oquendo sentencing delayed Johnny Oquendo's sentencing for the death of Noel Alkaramla in Troy was postponed again -- to next Monday -- after the judge ruled the new sentencing report hadn't been made available with enough time ahead of the sentencing.

    The judge also ruled that Oquendo can now represent himself with his most recent attorney on standby. Percoco trial The jury in the Joe Percoco case is still deliberating , apparently to the chagrin of almost everyone involved.

    Snow An estimated 7, Capital Region residents are without power after Wednesday's snowstorm. Twenty-eight flights were canceled at Albany International Airport.

    Amtrak will continue operating on a modified schedule on Thursday due to the storm. Jay street fire A survivor of the Jay Street fire comes to terms with the verdict in the David Tyree case, and with his own suffering.

    Schumer's infrastructure plan Chuck Schumer's proposal to improve infrastructure and create jobs by eliminating tax breaks from the nation's wealthiest individuals and corporations.

    Snow New York State has issued a travel advisory and many schools are closed and events canceled due to winter storm Quinn. Tyree acquitted A jury acquitted former Schenectady code enforcement officer Kenneth Tyree of four counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide in connection with the fatal Jay Street fire.

    Jay Street fire inspection trial The trial of former Schenectady inspector Kenneth Tyree had closing arguments Monday.

    The prosecution argued Tyree didn't put in the necessary effort to do his job correctly and, if he had, the four deaths in the fire could have been prevented.

    The defense said that Tyree told his supervisor what he saw and argued Tyree is being scapegoated for the fire. Guns The state Senate passed a group of bills Monday backers said would increase safety for schools from gun violence -- including allowing retired police officers to earn more as school resource officers without a waiver, requiring schools to hold two active shooter drills a year, and Jim Tedisco's vanity license plate for funding armed guards in schools.

    None of the bills deals directly with gun laws, which prompted sharp criticism from Democrats in the chamber. And Tedisco's bill in particular was mocked.

    Washington Ave Armory suing Migos The company that owns the Washington Ave Armory is suing Migos , alleging the hip hop group's actions encouraged and incited the brawling at their concert there.

    The incident led to the venue being hit with a nuisance abatement order and it ended up surrendering its liquor license.

    And a person who says he was seriously injured at the concert has also filed a suit against Migos and the Armory. NYSP say two troopers had responded to a call for single-vehicle crash in the median.

    A two truck arrived with two operators. And then, with the scene marked off flares, State Police say another driver failed to move over, hit the patrol car, then hit both troopers and one of the tow truck operators -- all three suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized.

    The second tow operator and the driver of the second vehicle also suffered injuries. The second driver is facing DWI and "numerous others" traffic charges.

    It was like a hurricane coming through. There's no reason why he shouldn't have seen it. Schenectady police excessive force case According to a Schenectady Police Department internal affairs reports, an SPD lieutenant who had been up for the job of police chief had shown photos of a woman whose head had been busted open when officers slammed her head into a bench and told other members of the force "this is what happens when someone hits one of my men" -- the report concluded that the officers hadn't followed training and the use of force was excessive.

    The report surfaced in a federal court filing as part of a lawsuit filed by the woman. Snow Things changed -- as the forecast probabilities suggested they might -- and we're getting a lot of snow.

    The NWS forecast as of 9 am is projecting an expected snowfall of 14 inches in Albany , with higher totals to the west.

    There are, of course, many cancellations and delays. Even better, don't head out if you don't have to. And take it slowly with the shoveling -- it's wet and heavy snow.

    Trial related to Jay St fire The prosecution cross examined former Schenectady housing inspector Kenneth Tyree Thursday about his inspection of Jay Street -- Tyree said he didn't have experience with alarm systems and was told to look but not touch the building's alarm system.

    At one point during the questioning, when the prosecution mentioned the victims of the fire, Tyree started sobbing. Guilty verdict for man shot by Schenectady police The man shot by Schenectady police last year -- an incident shown on Facebook Live by a bystander -- was found guilty on charges connected to the case , including criminal possession of a weapon.

    The weapon was a loaded sawed-off shotgun that police say the man threw to the porch of a nearby home, and prosecutors say his DNA was on the gun handle -- SPD has not said what the object was that the man was accused of pointing at police.

    Prominent judge receives death threats Death threats received by State Supreme Court judge Thomas Breslin have been deemed credible and police are guarding his home while an investigation is underway.

    Cuomo on gun control Andrew Cuomo is blaming members of his own party in Congress for failing to advance tough gun control measures. The resolution is not a settlement and won't release the companies from future reimbursement costs and damages.

    Former priest and abuser found dead in jail A former Long Island Catholic priest who was arrested for child sexual abuse last year at a Washington County retreat, was found dead on Tuesday in a Saratoga County jail cell.

    The Sheriff's office says the death is believed to be a suicide. Michael Hands was slated to be sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty in January to two felony counts of sexually abusing a child.

    Trial related to Jay St fire During cross examination Monday, the attorney for defendant Kenneth Tyree worked to portray for the former Schenectady inspector as poorly trained and cast doubt on some of the claims made by his supervisor.

    Tyree's inspector testified that he told Tyree to call him if he ran into any issues or anything he didn't understand while inspecting Jay St.

    Percoco trial The defense in the Joe Percoco trial rested Monday after just a handful witnesses -- and without Percoco testifying. The case is of particular interest in New York State , which has more than 1 million unionized public employees across the various levels of government.

    How much the case could affect the power of unions in New York is a matter of debate. Scare at Colonie Center An incident in the food court at Colonie Center late Sunday afternoon prompted word to circulate -- incorrectly -- in the mall that shots had been fired, leading people to take shelter or flee.

    Colonie police say there was no gun and no shots were fired during an argument between a customer and a clerk -- the man is alleged to have said he had a gun, apparently loud slaps on the kiosk had been interpreted as gunshots.

    CPD says the customer was arrested on charges that include criminal nuisance. Mohawk Flooding The warm temperatures have resulted in an ice jam break on the Mohawk that is beginning to flood the Stockade neighborhood.

    Pedestrian death Albany police are investigating the death of a year-old pedestrian who was hit by a car as she stepped out from between parked vehicles near Washington and Quail Streets on Tuesday night.

    Ice jams and potential flooding The rapidly warming weather this week is prompting concerns about potential flooding along the Mohawk River as ice jams thaw and move downstream.

    Meteorologists say it's hard to predict how the mile-long ice jam in the Mohawk affect things. Mother charged following Troy fire Troy fire officials say it looks like the house fire on 4th Ave was caused by kids playing with matches or a lighter.

    The mother of the three children is alleged to have left them alone in the apartment and she's facing misdemeanor child endangerment charges. A passerby and neighbors came to the aid of the kids.

    Jay Street fire inspection trial Thursday included testimony from former residents of the Jay St apartment building, one who told the court upkeep of the building had fallen off in the months leading up to the fire and another who said city building inspector Kenneth Tyree didn't check the smoke detector in his unit during an inspection that was "real quick, about a minute.

    Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple: I never thought I'd say that about active shooter situations, but this is. Troy police Chief The city of Troy has a new police chief.

    Brian Owens took command of the city's police force on Wednesday, promising to lead the city's police out of a tumultuous two years. Jay street fire trial The former building manager of the Jay Street apartment building destroyed in a fatal fire in , took the witness stand on Wednesday , testifying against Kenneth Tyree, the Schenectady city inspector charged with failing to properly inspect the building.

    The testimony was part of a plea agreement for Sacks , who pleaded guilty last month to four counts of criminally-negligent homicide will spend 1 to 3 years in state prison.

    Jay street fire A Schenectady County jury heard a tale of a narrow escape from a survivor of the Jay Street fire who leapt from a fifth floor apartment to escape the blaze.

    Mero sentenced Edward Mero was sentenced on Tuesday to 50 years to life for the murders of two woman whose deaths he tried to cover up in a Coeymans fire.

    Percoco trial Todd Howe was back on the witness stand Tuesday, following a weekend in jail after admitting to an act of fraud on the witness stand last week.

    Howe told prosecutors "I'm in a boatload of trouble. And the city council issued a joint system condemning the flyers and asking anyone with info about them to contact police.

    The city's public safety commissioner says the distribution of the flyers violates city code , but isn't a criminal offense.

    Trial related to Jay Street fire A review of video and calls from the fatal Jay Street fire that have surfaced as part of the trial of former Schenectady building inspector Kenneth Tyree, which resumes Tuesday.

    It's one of the main ways the state distributes financial aid to cities. They also say the Cuomo admin's push for local municipalities to share services hasn't been counting the full range of such efforts.

    It's probably not good for the prosecution. Does Howe get to wear a suit in court now or will he be in prison clothing? Review of death of man in Schenectady police custody More than a hundred people marched in Schenectady Saturday calling for more information about the death of Andrew Kearse in police custody last May.

    Kearse's widow, Angelique Negroni-Kearse, says Schenectady police were slow to call for medical help after Kearse reported difficulty breathing following a short foot chase and arrest.

    Black Lives Matter of Greater New York is calling for video of the incident to be released to the public. Negroni-Kearse says she was shown the video by the state Attorney General's office, which is investigating the death.

    SSPD says the flyers were similar to ones distributed last May. Jay Street fire trial During opening arguments in the trial of former Schenectady building inspector Kenneth Tyree connected to the fatal Jay Street fire, the prosecutor said the fire alarm was not working properly two weeks before the fire and that "if the defendant had done his job properly" ahead of the fire four people wouldn't have died.

    The defense argued Tyree had not been trained for that sort of inspection and is being scapegoated. Snow Wednesday's snowstorm Brought as much as a foot of snow to areas of the Capital Region, closing schools, canceling flights and keeping tow trucks bus y.

    Federal budget deal Chuck Schumer on the bipartisan budget deal struck on Wednesday in the Senate: Teen pleads guilty to murder One of the teens charged with a the shooting death of a Mechanicville man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to second-degree murder.

    Snow The snow is underway and area closings have begun. Percoco and ziti Tuesday in the corruption trial of former top Cuomo aide Joe Percoco, star witness Todd Howe testified that he helped Percoco set up a no show job for Percoco's wife in something they called "operation fat man," and that Percoco referred to money as "ziti.

    Sheehan also delivered a letter to Andrew Cuomo that argues the case. Percoco trial The much anticipated moment: Todd Howe took the stand for the prosecution Monday in the Joe Percoco trial.

    Howe, who's already pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, described Percoco as "the closest thing to a brother that I ever had," and detailed he said were efforts to trade Percoco's influence within the Cuomo admin for bribes , or "ziti.

    Jay Street fire trial Jury selection starts Monday in the trial of Kenneth Tyree , the former Schenectady building inspector facing charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide in the case of the fatal Jay Street fire.

    Percoco trial Todd Howe is scheduled to finally take the stand this week in the Joe Percoco trial -- and the defense attorneys in the case have been working to portray him as a liar.

    Troy Police Department Two Troy police detectives were indicted Friday on charges related to an alleged covering up of a warrantless search executed by the TPD's drug unit.

    Their attorneys say they didn't do anything wrong. Said Madden in his state of the city address: Schenectady County jail guard discipline "People familiar with the situation" tell the Times Union that a Schenectady County jail guard is facing a range of sanctions, including early retirement, for allegedly sexually harassing several women on the jail's medical staff -- but he'll be allowed to stay on the job for another 20 months.

    Percoco trial A Competitive Power Ventures exec testifying Thursday about an arrangement to pay Joe Percoco's wife for "educational consulting services": Elise Stefanik was not a train.

    Percoco trial Wednesday in the trial of Joe Percoco: I woke up next to my nephew screaming. State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, who's a civil engineer, said now could be a good time to do a wider review of potential problem spots.

    The trial has raised questions about Percoco's use of state-funded office space while he was on leave as Andrew Cuomo's campaign manager.

    Complaints about Mechanicville mayor Mechanicville's human resource officer says the city council is hiring an outside attorney to investigate allegations of boorish and harassing behavior by mayor Dennis Baker.

    Percoco trial Among the sharp directives issued by judge Valerie Caproni to attorneys in the Joe Percoco trial: What you're not entitled to is a tedious defense.

    Complaints about Mechanicville mayor Mechanicville police have filed a personnel complaint against against mayor Dennis Baker, accusing him of all sorts of intimidating, threatening, boorish, and generally cranky behavior.

    Among the specific allegations: Baker contaminated a potential crime scene, called police multiple times a day to report minor traffic violations while sometimes following vehicles as part of a campaign to get more tickets issued, and called an officer's transgender parent "disgusting, weird.

    Guilty verdict in fatal stabbing A jury found the man accused of fatally stabbing Marc Douglas on Grand Street in Albany last June guilty of second-degree murder.

    Richard Quinn -- who's 64 years old -- faces 25 years to life in prison at sentencing. Quinn had been picked up on probation violations in the months before the stabbing , but was allowed to remain free without bail.

    The Albany County DA's office is arguing that the case points to shortcomings in Andrew Cuomo's proposed bail reforms.

    Flu Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order allowing pharmacists to issue flu shots to kids ages The move was prompted by the strength of this year's flu season -- the number of lab-confirmed flu cases around the state continued to climb last week.

    Net Neutrality Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order on Wednesday prohibiting state government contracts with internet companies that do not adhere to the principals of net neutrality.

    Percoco Day two in the corruption trial of Joe Percoco: Sanctuary cities Albany is one of 23 sanctuary cities around the country that could be served with a subpoena by the U.

    Department of Justice if it doesn't provide proof that it is complying with Federal immigration law.

    Prosecutors described Percoco as a powerful, but not wealthy man who traded on "the most valuable thing he owned -- his job, his power and influence in state government.

    GE GE's Power unit in Schenectady is reporting that its profit dropped 88 percent in the fourth quarter of So I disagree with Tedesco.

    For the good of the city, Troy's next police chief should come from somewhere else. No one is here to point fingers.

    She said the meeting is part of the council pursing an oversight role of the TPD and the mayor. It's expected to highlight the workings of the state's economic development efforts , and potentially complicate things politically for the governor.

    But everybody, regardless, deserves fairness and unbiased approach without prejudgment on how their case is handled. McDonald's attorney -- Mark Mischler -- said Troy mayor Patrick Madden's defense of the police department following the report on the Thevenin shooting is "nothing less than traumatic.

    The new majority leader is Gary Domalewicz , a year veteran of the legislature who represents a district adjacent to Commisso's in uptown Albany.

    The switch comes two weeks after the former chair of the legislature -- Green Island's Sean Ward, a Commisso ally -- was replaced by Andrew Joyce.

    Alexandre of Schenectady is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Rotterdam police say surveillance camera video from nearby businesses played a key role in leading them to Alexandre's vehicle.

    It just breaks my heart. I can't get it out of my head. Recalling the Guilderland quadruple homicide Guilderland police chief Carol Lawlor on the still-unsolved killing of a family of four: I know that it still plays heavily on the minds and hearts of the community, and the police department.

    He faces years in prison at sentencing. Sentencing in Hadley murder Michael C. Norton -- the Hadley man who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for hitting his wife, Sherry Norton, with an axe last May -- was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

    Jeff Klein sexual harassment allegation Jeff Klein has formally asked the state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics to investigate the allegation that he forcibly kissed a staffer outside a Lark Street bar in State Senator Diane Savino, who is dating Klein and was at the bar on the night in question, came to his defense.

    Savino says on the night in question, the staffer invited Klein to a Seder dinner , which he declined, in full view of herself and other colleagues.

    Hit and run trial The defense attorney for Jose Martinez, the man charged with the hit-and-run death of a woman in Washington Park last year, slammed the case against his client based on the fact that two witnesses lied about which of them was driving the car that first struck the victim, then changed their story after a video surfaced.

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    Kearse's death was a tragedy that never should have happened, and reforms must be made to prevent similar future tragedies.

    EMT working conditions A look at the hours, strain, and pay that EMTs face as their union pushes for higher pay and changes in working conditions with Mohawk Ambulance.

    Cuomo's campaign coffers are filled with donations from companies with business before the state -- and regularly made through a massive loophole in state law.

    Schenectady train station The new Schenectady train station opened Wednesday, ahead of the previously announced opening date.

    Former Troy officers plead guilty A pair of now-retired Troy detectives pleaded guilty on Tuesday to misdemeanor charges related to concealing a warrantless entry into an apartment as part of drug case.

    The number was when counting student enrolled in charter schools in the city. For the Schenectady school district the total was And for Troy it was Earlier this week State Police said the death didn't appear to have any connection to the business or business owners.

    The state Department of Health says the motel's permit had been suspended at one point last year because of code violations.

    Schoharie crash Nauman Hussain, operator of Prestige Limousine and son of owner Shahed Hussain was arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide in connection with the Schoharie crash that killed 20 people on Sunday.

    Hussain pleaded not guilty, was released on bond and ordered to turn over his passport. Hussain was arrested at a traffic stop on I, his car packed with his belongings.

    His attorney says he was seeking a safe place to live after receiving death threats. The driver of the limousine was cited in August for not having the proper license to operate the limousine.

    More than 1, people gathered at the Schoharie Central School guy on Wednesday for a vigil in memory of the 20 people killed in Sunday's crash.

    The Crowd honored first responders as well, singing Lean on Me , as the group of 1st responders stood and held on to each other in the center of the gym.

    Sara Foss on what the Schoharie tragedy says about the need for transportation regulations and whether limos like the one in the crash should be allowed on the road at all.

    Chris Churchill on the many failures that led to the crash. The company -- Prestige Limousine -- is now under a cease-and-desist order from the state preventing it from operating, and State Police have seized the company's vehicles.

    State Police said Monday Hussain is now in Pakistan. Many schools, banks, and government offices will be closed, though other places will be open.

    Check before heading out. All 18 people inside the limo died , as did two pedestrians. The National Transportation Safety Board, which was on site to investigate, said it's the largest loss of life in a transportation incident in almost 10 years.

    It's not something I want to think about. He said it's representative of a larger problem of similar votes being held on unusual dates , which often results in low turnout.

    Second gun death for Pop-Warner team The shooting death of a pop-warner football coach in an Albany night club last weekend marked the second gun violence loss this year for an Albany Pop Warner football team.

    Silver How the twice-convicted Sheldon Silver is still managing to stay out of jail. Aref released Yassin Aref, the Albany Imam convicted on terrorism charges following the raid of an Albany mosque in , was released from prison on Wednesday and will be leaving the United States to join his family in Kurdistan.

    Man charged with shooting was parolee The man charged in a fatal shooting outside an Albany nightclub over the weekend was on parole after serving two years in prison on a weapons charge.

    Trailer explosion An explosion and fire destroyed a Colonie trailer home and damaged two others late Tuesday. There were no injuries and the cause remains under investigation.

    Trash service is currently not paid for separately, and has for years been subsidized by the city's landfill, which is scheduled to close next decade.

    The city is probably headed, eventually, toward a system that charges people in some way based on how much gets thrown out.

    APD says the charges against the man in custody for the shooting will be upgraded. The Times Union has been tracking that number. One person was injured in the Quail Street fire.

    An APD spokesman says one man had been targeted in the shooting -- he was in critical condition -- and the two other people shot were bystanders.

    Audit of agency that awards Albany tax breaks An audit by the state Comptroller office reviewed 15 projects granted tax exemptions by the Albany Industrial Development Agency -- projects that were approved between -- and concluded that the agency could have done a better job of incorporating goals into the agreements for those projects and then following up to check on investment or revitalization goals.

    It also noted that many of the projects received tax breaks that stretched beyond the five years in its standard policy. In a letter attached to the audit, the IDA responded that changes made between and had already addressed many of the best practices recommended by the audit.

    Albany County Land Bank A look at the Albany County Land Bank's recent efforts to use grant money to take on building rehab projects itself -- projects that private developers hadn't been willing or able to take on.

    New development for South End At a neighborhood meeting for a proposed new-construction mixed-use on Second Ave in Albany's South End residents were hopeful and skeptical.

    State officials say this year's tests represent a new baseline and shouldn't be compared to past tests. Corrections officer charged with abusing inmate A Rensselaer County jail corrections officer is facing misconduct and sexual abuse charges for allegedly inappropriately touching a female inmate.

    Ellazar Williams protest Two dozen people gathered and protested at the Albany Public Library on Tuesday night demanding justice for year-old Ellazar Williams, who was paralyzed when he was shot in the back by a police officer five weeks ago.

    Protestors criticized department findings in the case and are calling for the officer to be charged with attempted murder.

    Unemployment Unemployment dropped slightly in the Capital Region last month, to 3. Drinking water A state Comptroller's office review of the state Department of Health oversight of public water systems concludes that DOH has not always taken the appropriate or timely to hold systems accountable for notifying the public about problems.

    DOH pointed out that 98 percent of water systems in the state reported no water safety violations in , a rate that's better than the national average.

    Troy trash plan A draft version of Troy's trash management plan identifies multiple longstanding issues and recommends the city move to a pay-as-you-throw model for trash collection.

    Mice, bedbug complaints at state office on Pearl Street The state Office of General Services has been treating floors in the 40 North Pearl Street office building the Ten Eyck Building for bed bugs and engaging in "aggressive mouse control.

    Abortion rights in New York State A look at where New York's laws stand on abortion rights and how that could be significant if there's a shift in direction by the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Albany selling Coeymans land The city of Albany is moving toward selling the acres of land it owns in Coeymans -- once planned to be used for a new landfill -- to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

    Gubernatorial election Gun control laws: Attorney general election A short profile of Keith Wofford , the Republican running for state attorney general.

    Women running for state offices There's a record number of women running for state legislature seats this year. And it should serve as a warning to anyone who fails to uphold his or her oath as a public servant.

    On a personal level, the human tragedy for Joe's young children and family is a very sad consequence.

    If they have, they've been keeping it a secret. There have no meaningful measures to reduce the corruption in state government. Top state official charged with child exploitation A special assistant to the commissioner of the NYS Office of Mental Health was is facing 29 counts of child endangerment after police say he lured teens into his home , and, among other things, asked them to wear diapers.

    Legislative pay raise The decision on a long-awaited pay raise for stat legislators is in the hands of a state compensation committee and should come within the next three months.

    Albany homicides Albany has recorded 12 homicides in so far -- the highest number in 18 years. Sentencing in Schenectady stabbing A Schenectady woman will serve 3 years in prison for an April stabbing at Summit Towers apartments in the city.

    Manslaughter plea An Albany woman pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter Tuesday morning, in connection with the overdose death of a year-old woman found in a snowbank in March.

    I've never touched my wife. I never touched my daughters and I never touched my son and I will take that to the grave with me because it's never happened.

    Councilman Randy Koniowka has continued his call for Morse to step down. That's how demagogues gain power.

    Aftermath of Albany police shooting Paul Grondahl visited with Ellazar Williams , the man shot by an Albany police detective during an incident in which police say Williams had a large knife -- Williams is now paralyzed from the chest down.

    He did not speak about the shooting with Grondahl. Morse's Twitter account called the Times Union reporting "orchestrated stories" and accused the paper of having "exploited the mental illness and drug addiction of my wife for your own personal gain.

    Given the documented evidence presented in these reports, it is clear he cannot continue to serve and must resign. The New York State Police have reopened their investigation based on new reported evidence.

    Colonie police said they're investigating a complaint from Morse's wife that he grabbed her and spit in her face during a meeting at Wolf Road restaurant last week.

    We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state. He an overwhelming advantage in the amount of campaign funding available to him for the primary.

    Check with your county board of election website or the state Board of Election for polling places and sample ballots.

    Arrest in fatal stabbing A year-old Troy man is a suspect in the fatal Lark Street stabbing of a year-old Albany man in late July.

    Here's a rundown of local races. Cuomo Bridge at the beginning of primary week. Questions in police involved shooting Civil rights leader Alice Green and advocates for the Center for Law and Justice says the APD explanation of a police involved shooting of a year-old suspect still leaves questions about how the teen was shot in the back.

    Cuomo Bridge across the Tappan Zee continued with the New York Times getting a hold of an internal document in which the Cuomo admin offered the bridge contractor potential enticements to get the bridge open by late August.

    A Daily Gazette editorial on that effort: They knew exactly what they were doing. What else would we expect?

    After the grand opening of a span of the new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge across the Tappan Zee Friday, the new section did not open Saturday because of a "potentially dangerous situation" involving a section of the old bridge.

    Marc Molinaro is calling for a federal investigation of the bridge. Cuomo tried to distance himself from a mailer sent out by state Democratic Party that attempted to connect Nixon with anti-Semitism.

    The Nixon campaign called for an apology from Cuomo. Police oversight Chris Churchill on the friendship that developed between the mothers of two men who died during interactions with police in Saratoga County and the difficulty in finding out exactly what happened and why in the cases.

    APD commander Michael Basile -- who was acting chief at the time -- walked through a presentation with surveillance cam stills and video, a call following an incident near a shop on Central Ave in which the caller said they thought a man had a gun, and police radio calls.

    Basile said video indicated that Williams had been carrying a large knife and he still had the knife when detective James Olsen chased Williams behind the school building into a fenced-in area.

    Basile said Williams tripped, dropped the knife, then "rearmed himself and became an imminent danger" towards the detective.

    That's when Basile said Olsen feared for his safety and the detective fired two shots, hitting Williams once in a spot Basile described as the left rear shoulder.

    The incident appears in the background of a video and it doesn't show the detective's exact position at the time of the shooting.

    The detective wasn't outfitted with a body camera , nor did he have a taser. In this case, the use of force, per our internal investigation, was necessary.

    But it doesn't take away from the fact that it was a very traumatic experience for everybody involved and we're sensitive to that.

    After the media presentation Thursday, she spoke with reporters outside police headquarters and said she hasn't come to a conclusion for herself about the shooting.

    I'm sure they did everything they could with the information that they had," Green said, noting that police didn't have access to Williams or his medical report.

    His attorney recommended he not speak with police because he's facing charges. She said one of the key questions for the community is how Williams ended up being shot in a spot that she described more as his back than his shoulder.

    Troy shootings Troy police are investigating a pair of shootings that injured three people in the city overnight.

    Marijuana legalization The first of 15 statewide listening sessions on legalization of marijuana was held last night in Albany. Most of the speakers at the two-hour session spoke in favor of legalization and questioned specifics and logistics involved.

    Protestors seek answers in police-involved shooting Nearly community members and family members of Ellazar Williams, the man who was paralyzed after being shot by Albany police detectives last month, protested Tuesday night to demand answers in the shooting.

    Video shows June shooting Footage from a surveillance camera in front of Equan Fallen's Livingston Avenue home shows two men shooting Fallen to death in front of his door.

    Albany attack labeled hate crime charge Albany investigators believe an attack in the city over the weekend was a hate crime. Police say a man repeatedly stabbed a person and stomped on his head because the victim was homosexual.

    APD says the arrested man is also believed to be mentally ill. Investigation of man's death in Schenectady group home Lauren Stanforth looks in the investigation of the death of a man with developmental disabilities in a Schenectady group home in July -- there are still few details about how he died and the situation surrounding the death -- and the state's overall process for reviewing these sorts of deaths.

    Albany police involved shooting Albany police say Ellazar Williams, the teen who was paralyzed last week after being shot by officers, ran at them with a knife before the shooting and refused to drop the weapon.

    The officer who shot Williams was named in brutality claims in and Albany police apparently have video of the incident.

    The debate will air on CBS. Stephanie Miner After three people with ties to the Democratic Party challenged her petitions to run on the Serve America Movement party, independent gubernatorial candidate and former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner is blaming Andrew Cuomo.

    The Malta site has had about 3, employees recently. Saratoga Springs police and the death of Darryl Mount Jr. When they speak, we should be able to trust what they say.

    We want to believe our police. Williams arraigned in the hospital Monday on charges of felony menacing a police officer and misdemeanor possession of a weapon.

    Following the injury and death of Darryl Mount Jr. Tracking the life of Rayen Puleski Jake Lahut and Steven Cook attempted to the track the life of Rayen Puleski, the infant who had gone missing in July and whose suspected body was found behind a State Street residence in Schenectady.

    APD says the man did not have life-threatening injuries. It's asking anyone with info to call.

    He's sort of passed over this race. I think having someone who talks like a Republican and governs like a Republican would be a step down.

    We're doing what we do for everybody. We're treating them with dignity. Albany police detective retiring after complaints "Two sources familiar with the matter" tell the Times Union an Albany police detective recently retired after at least one woman filed a complaint against him.

    Police chief start date Albany's new Police Chief will start work on September 5 and will officially be sworn in on Friday, September 7.

    Railroad falls A section of downtown Union Street in Schenectady was closed for a stretch on Wednesday afternoon after a gutter fell from the railroad bridge over the street.

    Cohen was subpoenaed on Wednesday by the Tax Department for "documents and potential testimony" on the Trump Foundation.

    Speaking at the meeting on Tuesday, Hawkins said he said communication and forming relationships are an important part of his vision for the force.

    And he said not opposed to working with groups like the Guardian Angels if they want "assist the city in a collaborative way.

    Albany police involved shooting The man shot by an Albany police detective earlier this week has been identified as year-old Ellazar Williams of Binghamton.

    Police found a knife at the scene of the shooting that is believed to belong to Williams. Acting Chief Michael Basile said at a press conference that a group of detectives had responded to a report of fight on Central Ave involving a weapon.

    Basile the detectives saw a person who fit the description of a suspect with a gun, approached him, he ran over to Elk Street, and one of the detectives fired, hitting a man.

    Tuesday morning APD said the man was in critical condition. Basile said a large knife was recovered at the scene of the shooting, but no hand gun as of Monday evening.

    A rep from the state Attorney General's office was on the scene. Basile said the press conference that detectives are not yet outfitted with body cameras.

    The public safety committee meeting is at 5: Thacher State Park falling rocks State parks had some idea about the risk of falling rocks on the Indian Ladder trail at Thacher State Park a few months before a Bethlehem woman was injured by falling rock there, according to a redacted report obtained by the Times Union via FOIL.

    The Northway The Times Union pulled together package of articles about the Northway's history, its effects, and the future: Albany landfill and trash collection The projected closure date of the Albany landfill has been extended to , and the city's new DGS commissioner tells Amanda Fries the transition to pay-as-you-throw garbage collection "is not dead, but it's not alive.

    Albany County ADA resigns over freelance work The Albany County prosecutor found out to be doing freelance appeals work for a prominent local defense attorney has resigned and is taking a job with the county public defender's office.

    Addicted mother buried child Heaven Puleski was arraigned on Wednesday on charges relating to the disappearance of her four-month-old-son Rayen, whose body was found this week in hole behind their State Street home in Schenectady.

    Police say Puleski was too high on heroin to care for the child , and admitted to wrapping him in plastic bags and hiding him behind the house after he died.

    The governor continued saying, "We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.

    Investigation of infant death in Schenectady Schenectady police have charged Heaven Puleski, the mother of 4-month-old Rayen Puleski, with a string of felonies related to the discovery of a body now believed to be her baby.

    The charges include one count each of tampering with physical evidence and concealment of a human corpse, felonies, as well as misdemeanor child endangerment but she has not been charged with murder.

    Puleski is in Schenectady city jail awaiting arraignment today. An autopsy on the child is expected to take a while. Opioid suit New York State is suing the maker of OxyContin for allegedly downplaying the risks and overstating the benefits of opioid products, helping to fuel an addiction and overdose epidemic.

    She also said she thinks child protective services failed the infant by not following up on a claim about the infant's living situation. Albany County styrofoam ban The Albany County Legislature voted Monday to expand the ban on the use of polystyrene styrofoam at food service establishments.

    The ban previously had applied to chain restaurants. In a tweet, Stefanik said it was an honor to have Trump accept her invitation to visit Fort Drum.

    Fatal I crash State Police a driver was killed when their car was struck on the eastbound side of I in East Greenbush Saturday afternoon, ended up crossing the median, and was then struck again by a vehicle traveling in the westbound lane.

    State Police also say the drivers of both the eastbound and westbound striking cars were arrested on vehicular manslaughter and DWI charges, and the westbound driver had kids in the vehicle.

    State Police are asking any witnesses of the incident to contact them. And the family of the mother who lived at the building -- and whose infant was reported missing earlier in the week -- said they were frustrated by the lack of details.

    Donald Trump Upstate Donald Trump will be signing a bill at Fort Drum Monday and then making an appearance at a private fundraiser in Utica -- it's his first visit to Upstate New York since taking office.

    Wright who served three decades in prison for the fire that killed two teenage girls in Troy, was convicted a second time on Tuesday by State Supreme Court Justice Andrew Ceresia.

    Sentencing in Schenectady police shooting shown on Facebook The man shot by Schenectady police during a standoff that was streamed on Facebook Live last summer was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a felony weapons charges and multiple misdemeanors.

    Parole denied for driver in fatal Northway crash The driver convicted of causing the Northway crash that killed Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers was denied parole Monday.

    Justice Center The state's Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is now five years old, and critics say it's falling short of its purpose.

    Albany County paid sick leave proposal Advocates are continuing to push the case for Albany County to adopt legislation that would require employers to provide paid sick leave.

    The bill was recently amended to allow businesses with five or fewer employees to offer unpaid sick days. Local newspapers Many of the biggest newspapers in the Capital Region have had large declines in the paid circulation for their paper versions over the last decade.

    Maurice Rucker After the outpouring of public support for Maurice Rucker -- the employee at the Albany Home Depot fired after he stood up to a racist customer instead of calling for a manager -- the chain has offered him his job back.

    He's not accepting it: He's currently the police chief in Southfield, Michigan, and in a statement Sheehan said he has "a firm commitment to community policing and 21st century policing strategies.

    He has a law degree. The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Common Council. Justice for Dahmeek protest outside Troy Police Department Protestors gathered outside the Troy police department on Wednesday to protest the grand jury decision not to prosecute the officer who shot Dahmeek McDonald in an incident last August.

    No-one was in the building when shots were fired. Some of the bullet holes were new and others may have been fired as early as last week.

    Charges in Schenectady family shooting Dushawn Howard was officially charged on Tuesday with three separate counts of second-degree attempted murder in last week's shooting of his former girlfriend and two of her children.

    Howard, who was also injured in the incident, was arraigned at his bedside in Albany Medical Center and was released into the custody of the Schenectady County Sheriff's Office.

    Skelos and son convicted in retrial Former state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son, Adam, were convicted of all counts on Tuesday in their corruption re-trial.

    See the tweets from Amanda Fries for a recap of the council caucus and meeting Monday night. His death is the 8th homicide of the year and third in July.

    And on Sunday community members -- including the parents of Kahlil Barnes -- gathered Sunday in Arbor Hill Park to talk about the string of shootings.

    Barnes and Cancer were once members of rival groups back in the 00s, but Barnes's mother says they had since become friends: His attorney said after the verdict in Manhattan that "there's no way that Alain Kaloyeros is guilty" and that they're planning an appeal.

    The victim told police she was afraid to leave Deshawn Howard, because she knew he had a gun and he threatened to kill her and her children if she left him.

    The woman had an order of protection against Howard , obtained earlier this year after he punched her in the face in front of her children.

    Response to Albany shootings "I want to see the outrage. I want to see people angry" -- Acting Albany police Chief Bob Sears on the community outrage and response to the rash of shootings and violence in the city this summer.

    And Sears called out a union VP by name for the statement. Said Sears at the press conference: I lost a whole bunch of things at the same time, and I know I'm not the only one feeling that way.

    No one has explained anything to them. APD says it appears Cancer was trying to break up a fight when he was shot. And then at about 2: APD says the men shot in the first incident "have been highly uncooperative with the police.

    Kathy Sheehan told the crowd: I'm here ready to do whatever it takes. We stand ready to do whatever it takes.

    In a Facebook post, Sheehan said she "will not be responding to the false claims made on social media by a member of the Albany Police Union against myself and APD command staff" and will "not ignore the disgraceful dog whistle language used by this same individual to describe Albany Cure Violence.

    Flare up of violence in Albany Officials, community leaders, and residents say they're concerned, frustrated, and baffled by the rash of shootings and other violence in Albany on July 4 that left one person dead and multiple injured.

    Albany fire chief The Sheehan administration announced Friday morning that fire chief Warren Abriel Jr will be retiring July 28, and Kathy Sheehan will be announcing a new chief in the future.

    Albany homicide Albany police are investigating the stabbing death of a 29 year old victim on Orange Street early Thursday morning. Four shot in Albany Albany police say four people who were shot early Thursday morning on Lexington Avenue are being uncooperative in the investigation into the shootings.

    Albany shooting Albany police are investigating a shooting that took place in the city's Ten Broeck neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

    The victim, a year-old man was shot in the arm and treated at Albany Med. APD mourns officer The city of Albany is mourning Officer Dean Johnson, a 25 year old police officer who died this weekend in an off duty motorcycle crash.

    Saratoga Springs stabbing Saratoga Springs police say the year-old man stabbed Sunday has died , and the year-old man in custody is facing charges that include second-degree murder.

    Kaloyeros trial The feds offered Alain Kaloyeros a plea deal over the weekend -- and he declined.

    Prosecutors also got a chance to re-open their case to establish the the court in Manhattan was the proper venue for the trial by calling witnesses from Verizon and the parent company of AOL to testify about email routing.

    Amazon warehouse The massive warehouse project in Schodack that would serve as an Amazon facility took a step forward in the town planning process Monday night -- over the objections of of some residents and a labor advocate.

    Some local municipalities are offering cooling stations not on that list. Life in translation A profile of an Afghan man who served as a translator for the US Army in Afghanistan and now lives in Albany -- he was injured while working with US forces, now works four jobs, and needs a new wheelchair.

    Every day local journalists work to find out what's happening and tell people about it. They're working longer and harder as news organizations contract, usually for not much money.

    And we'd all be worse off without their efforts. If you're not subscribed to a local news outlet, today's a good day to sign up. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said this week the detainees will have access to immigration attorneys and other services at the jail.

    Supreme Court and New York Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court of the United States -- and its potential implications for the fate of abortion rights in the country -- has prompted a renewed focus on New York State passing the Reproductive Health Act , which would change abortion's place in the state's legal code.

    The legislation has faced a road block in the state Senate. Delgado received 22 percent of the votes to put him at the top of a seven candidate field.

    Polls here are open from noon to 9 pm. Check with the website for your county board of elections or the state board of elections. It's the second settlement the village has struck with the companies and doesn't preclude additional claims.

    Climate change Highlighting some of the ways the climate has been changing in New York State over the past century.

    APD says two officers responded to a report of a person with a weapon on the second floor of a Partridge Street residence and they found a woman at the bottom of a stairwell.

    They broke the glass in the door and determined she'd been stabbed. APD says a year-old man, Schuyler Lake, then came down the steps with a knife, did not respond to officers' instructions to drop the knife, and then stabbed the woman again -- that's when APD says one of the officers fired, killing the man.

    APD says the woman at the bottom of the steps was Lake's mother, and a man found upstairs -- also injured -- is his uncle.

    APD says the mother was in critical condition Saturday, the uncle had non-life threatening injuries. Both officers are on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

    ICE in Saratoga Springs With the return of the summer tourism season in Saratoga Springs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have again become active around the city -- a Skidmore professor say the agency is racial profiling people.

    Kaloyeros trial A former VP for LPCiminelli -- who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and is cooperating with the prosecution -- testified Thursday that the contractor had influence on the request-for-proposals process with a development arm of SUNY Poly so that company would be chosen for a contract.

    The exec also said Alain Kaloyeros had gone from being viewed skeptically by the Cuomo admin's inner circle to a "rock star" in part with the help of Todd Howe.

    Kaloyeros Federal prosecutors presented dozens of emails as evidence in the bid rigging trial of Alain Kaloyeros and his codefendants.

    It was revealed through emails that Kaloyeros threatened to quit his job back in when he was having trouble negotiating his goal of splitting the NanoCollege off from UAlbany, and prosecutors suggest he hired Todd Howe to help him gain the trust of the Cuomo administration.

    One of the witnesses testifying in the trial, Jerry Barber, a former top assistant to Tom DiNapoli hired by Kaloyeros to work at Fuller Road Management Corp, testified in federal court this week that he was never pressured in his job to approve any particular developers for SUNY Poly project.

    Legislative session The legislative session wrapped up on Wednesday but sports gambling, transparency requirements, requirements for reporting bullying at charter schools, and other high profile issues were left on the table.

    Opponents of Andrew Cuomo are blaming him for focusing more on his own political battle than legislative issues , while others blame the lack of a majority.

    Some lawmakers are saying they are dissatisfied with the way the session wrapped up. Legislators rallied on the Million Dollar Staircase on Wednesday to call for an end to the Trump policy of separating immigrant children from their families.

    Cuomo says NY will challenge federal border policies separating families Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that New York State will file a lawsuit over the federal border policies that have led to the "inhumane" separation of families and detention of children.

    Prosecutors say Kaloyeros pushed for secrecy and private email to discuss alleged bid rigging for developers. Violence in Albany After a spate of shootings and stabbings in the last several weeks, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Acting Police Chief Robert sears held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss plans to address the outbreak of violence , including a tip line and placing more officers in the city's highest crime areas.

    Larry Rulison had put the pieces together earlier in the day by noting the facility shared the exact same square footage as other Amazon projects.

    These warehouse workers will not have the time or money to buy a burger in Schodack, let alone buy homes here.

    Death in Lark Street stabbing case Albany police say one of the men stabbed during the incident near Lark Street and Madison Ave June 7 has died of his injuries.

    The death of year-old Elijah Smith is the city's fifth homicide of the year. APD says it doesn't know of the shootings are connected.

    Did the big bets on high-tech projects, most of which were overseen by Kaloyeros, pay off? Trump Foundation -- and its director, which include the President and three of his children -- alleging "a pattern of persistent illegal conduct, occurring over more than a decade, that includes extensive unlawful political coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions to benefit Mr.

    Trump's personal and business interests, and violations of basic legal obligations for non-profit foundations. The lawsuit is" " an extraordinary catalogue of how not to run a private foundation.

    There's little else [Trump] could have done that would have made it worse. It was one of multiple rallies around the country. Colonie road rage arrests Police made two more arrests in an Colonie road rage case from last month, and one of the people arrested was the woman who claimed to be a victim.

    State Police say an investigation concluded that Natia Shim, the mother of the driver, who claimed she and her son were chased down by another vehicle and attacked physically and verbally, was not in the car when the confrontation occurred.

    Shim was charged with making a false statement to police. Four other arrests have been made in the case. This item has been corrected.

    Case dismissed a second time in Troy murders For the second time, a Rensselaer County judge has tossed out charges against two men who were charged with killing a pair of Troy roommates nearly two years ago, saying there was insufficient evidence to tie that crime to the men charged, and cited incorrect instructions given to the grand jury.

    The defendants will be held until the DA's office determines whether it will resubmit the cast to a new grand jury. Albany homicide A year-old Albany man is dead following a shooting in the city's West Hill neighborhood on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile NXIVM has announced it is suspending all operations and planned events in light of recent sex trafficking allegations.

    Criminal indictment against Rensselaer County DA dismissed An acting state Supreme Court justice has dismissed the state Attorney General office's criminal indictment against Rensselaer district attorney Joel Abelove over the DA's handling of the grand jury review of the fatal shooting of Edson Thevenin by Troy police, concluding the the state AG's office doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute Abelove for perjury in the case.

    We respectfully disagree with the court's decision and are determining how best to move this critical case forward.

    Lawsuit against Schenectady police over fatal shooting The wife of a man fatally shot by Schenectady police in has filed a lawsuit against the city and police department in federal court alleging her husband was walking away from detectives when he was shot, and was shot in the back of the head.

    Schenectady police said at the time of the incident that Joshua Scism had drawn a gun from his waistband and pointed it the detectives police -- and an attorney for the city told the Daily Gazette this week police acted appropriately.

    Officials say the items with the body point to it being a year-old Guilderland man missing since February , and who was the subject of a search earlier this year.

    APD says an investigation concluded that year-old Larnell Kennedy shot year-old Nahjayyah Daise, his former girlfriend, in the head as she drove them down Erie Street to Erie Boulevard, and he then fled up to I where he was struck by a vehicle.

    Police say they're not sure why Kennedy shot Daise, or why he ran into the highway. APD says all the people involved knew each other and it looks like the incident was the result of an argument that erupted inside Lark Tavern.

    Albany mom arrested after baby ingests heroin An Albany mother is facing charges after her 1-year-old child ingested heroin while she was passed out on the drug and unable to care for the child.

    Albany stabbings Albany police say two people are under arrest after four men were stabbed in an altercation at the intersection of Madison and Lark streets overnight.

    Days of our legislature The Senate got back to work on Wednesday, but without Kathy Hochul presiding. Governor was on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday in a failed effort to push through legislation in the politically tied Senate.

    A controversial women's health bill did not advance on Wednesday, and amendments that would codify Roe v.

    Wade into state law and guarantee that contraceptives are covered by insurance plans were voted down, but Democrats say they now have a record of Senate Republican votes on women's health issues.

    Former deputy convicted in of child porn A former Saratoga County sheriff's department sergeant was convicted on child pornography charges Tuesday after more than 1, images of child porn were found downloaded on his home computer.

    Fatal incident near Erie Blvd in Albany Albany police say they're working alongside State Police to figure out what happened Sunday during the incident -- or incidents -- near Erie Blvd and I in North Albany that ended with two people dead.

    Acting Albany police chief Robert Sears says police found a gun on I near the site of a crash. And police are waiting on autopsy results.

    Schenectady standoff Schenectady police took a man into custody after a standoff at a home in the Vale neighborhood that lasted more than five hours and involved a police negotiator.

    Police say the man was taken to a hospital for evaluation, and they found weapons inside the home. Two people dead after incident near Erie Blvd in Albany Albany police say two people -- a woman and a man -- were dead following an incident in North Albany Sunday afternoon map.

    APD says it was called to Erie Boulevard for an altercation where they found the woman, and then State Police were called for a man being hit on I just above that spot.

    Police say the two deaths appear connected. Some worry about a focus on appearances over substance. And attempts at reform have been shackled by the political calculations that accompany any effort to enact change in New York's famously byzantine Capitol.

    Marijuana legalization Chris Churchill on what could or should happen in communities following marijuana legalization. And Donald Trump was a frequent topic.

    Guilty verdict in death of child An Albany County jury found David Bridges of Troy guilty of manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend's 1-year-old boy.

    Bridges could face up to 25 years in prison for the abuse that led to the death of 1-year-old Luka Patrick. State official fired following complaints of sexual harassment Jay Kiyonaga, the 2 official at the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, was fired on Wednesday , one day after a former lawyer for the state's Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special needs filed a discrimination complaint charging that the Cuomo administration covered up the fact that he had sexually harassed her -- the state Inspector General reported in a letter that Kiyonaga had a "history of improper and sexually inappropriate acts towards and comments to fellow staff members and subordinates" during his time as an official at the Justice Center.

    Federal complaint filed against New York State over handling of official alleged to be a serial sexual harasser An attorney who says she was sexually harassed by an official who's now the 2 at the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities has filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against New York State and the Justice Center , claiming the official was never held accountable for treating women as sexual objects.

    Legislative session to-do list The state legislative session comes to an end in a few days. Issues that could still be addressed in this session include medical marijuana, sports gambling and the Child Victims Act.

    Paid sick time Albany County Legislators heard from members of the public on Tuesday on a measure that would require employers in the county to offer paid sick time.

    Investigation into recovery center death The state Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is investigating how a man's body was left to sit in a room at a supportive living facility in Troy for 39 days.

    The man's family says the facility told them the man had packed up his belongings and left -- only for a pest control worker to find the man's decomposing body more than a month later still at the facility.

    Kathina Thomas Chris Churchill talks with the brother Kathina Thomas now that a decade has passed after the 10 year old was killed by a stray bullet in Albany's West Hill neighborhood.

    Nixon loses convention vote Andrew Cuomo had an easy victory over Cynthia Nixon at the state Democratic convention in Hempstead.

    Nixon is still working to secure a spot on the primary ballot, which will ultimately decide who runs on the party's line in the November election.

    Delegates also endorsed Lt. Former gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout has confirmed that she will challenge James. Republican gubernatorial candidate Republicans on Wednesday, formally named Marc Molinaro their candidate for Governor.

    She is the first woman to hold the job. Underwood had been the state's solicitor general and became acting AG in the weeks after Eric Schneiderman's resignation following reports of domestic violence.

    Underwood will serve out the remainder of the year, and has decided not to run for the post in November. Troy police accused of brutality The attorney for a man arrested by Troy police in March alleges that officers inflicted a "savage beating" on his client during the arrest on Congress Street downtown, an allegation surfaced publicly by Luke Stoddard Nathan at The Alt.

    There is video of the incident, and the attorney played it for the Times Union -- Kenneth Crowe reports it "shows the officers kicking, kneeing and punching" the man after he was already on the ground.

    The Coppola case raises troubling questions that throw this narrative into question. Guns Students and adults gathered in Albany's Washington Park Monday for a vigil for the people killed and injured at the school shooting in the Houston area last week.

    Said an 8th grader to the Times Union: Emergency department wait times Emergency department wait times in the Capital Region are higher than the state average , and Albany Med and St.

    Peter's have among the longest wait times, according to an analysis by the Daily Gazette of federal data. There's some interesting discussion in the article about why wait times are what they are and the role of urgent care facilities.

    Facts don't match the claims Brendan Lyons followed up on some of the remarkable stories and career claims made by a top official at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse -- including surviving a bombing in Afghanistan -- and found the facts didn't seem to match the claims.

    The official has now been placed on leave. Arrests in reported Colonie road attack State Police say two people have been arrested in what the agency is calling "a reported road rage incident" May 10 on Alternate Route 7 and I in Colonie.

    A woman tells WNYT that she and her teen son, who are black, were cut off by a truck with at least five people in it -- those people got out of the truck and started hitting the mother and son's car with bats while yelling racial slurs.

    Said the mother to the Times Union: They yelled, 'We're white supremacists. Go back to your country. Fatal Amtrak crash with pedestrian in Castleton Schodack police say a man was killed Thursday night when he was struck by Amtrak train while crossing the tracks near Main Street in Castleton.

    Officials the spot in a popular crossing point for pedestrians going to the river. Murder plot A year-old convicted rapist admitted in Saratoga County court on Wednesday that he tried to win his freedom by hiring someone to murder a witness in the case.

    The person he tried to hire was an undercover police officer. Possible Troy shooting Police in Troy are investigating reports of shots fired near 4th Street and Congress Avenue at around 11 pm on Wednesday.

    Storms Tuesday's storms downed trees in the Capital Region and left about 8, residents without power for a while. South of the Capital Region, in Newburgh, an year old girl was killed by a falling tree.

    The Albany library budget was also approved by voters. Replacing Schneiderman Legislators began interviewing 12 candidates to replace Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday, including Acting state Attorney General Barbara Underwood Four Republican state senators have been added to the committee vetting the candidates.

    Today is school budget, school board, and library budget voting day. Check with your school board's website. Andrew Cuomo more than three centuries later.

    The wall has been in need of repairs for years and its potential failure, during an event like a large flood, would also threaten a major sewer line.

    How the state handles sexual harassment complaints Brendan Lyons looks at how the state has handled harassment complaints against a high-level agency executive at multiple stops in the bureaucracy, which a former affirmative action officer said points to a pattern of protecting appointees by moving them around.

    Homeless in Saratoga Springs Ann Friedman talks with a group of homeless people living in camps in Saratoga Springs about their daily lives and what they say is a lack of services in county services.

    Prosecuting Scheiderman Andrew Cuomo has appointed Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas as a special prosecutor to investigate the domestic violence and abuse allegations against Eric Schneiderman.

    Not publicly clear at the moment: Whether the women mentioned in the New Yorker article want to press charges. Schenectady murder for hire verdict A Schenectady County jury returned guilty verdicts for the two men on trial for their connection to the contract killing of Charles Dembrosky in Schenectady.

    Joevany Luna was found guilty of first-degree murder and potentially faces life in prison, while Kyshaan Moore was found guilty of second-degree murder and potentially faces 25 years to life.

    Replacing Schneiderman New York State lawmakers continue to search for a permanent replacement for Schneiderman. The state Assembly is expected to start interviewing candidates for the job next week.

    Schneiderman's temporary replacement A profile of Eric Schneiderman's temporary replacement, Barbara Underwood. Good riddance Sarah Foss says "good riddance" to Schneiderman.

    Two of the women -- who had longterm relationships with Schneiderman -- talked to the magazine on the record, their accounts detailed and corroborated by others.

    While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time.

    Jimmy Vielkind, in a run-through of possibilities: Building and codes inspectors Lauren Stanforth in a large Times Union review of local building and codes inspection operations: The city of Albany was an early adopter of the program and former police chief Brendan Cox is now part of the national org.

    Quackenbush Center The developer of the proposed mixed-use project next to Quackenbush Square in downtown Albany says construction bids were much higher than expected , but the company is still committed and is reformulating the plan.

    Cynthia Nixon has yet to do so. Lincoln Park sewer facility The sewer facility proposed for a ravine in Albany's Lincoln Park continued to face skepticism at a public meeting Thursday evening.

    The plan to fix a problem in Albany that's been a century in the making -- and the concerns about that fix.

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